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Tulsa invisalign | best orthodontists and dentists

Tulsa invisalign | orthodontist and dentists?

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Are you wondering if you should still see your general dentists even if you are currently senior orthodontist for braces? The answer to this is absolutely yes! We can help exchange the rubber bands on brackets for traditional braces and we can also help provide you with trades for Tulsa invisalign. But one thing that we do not specialize in is any kind of dental hygiene cleanings or dental work such as through canals and fillings. This is why you need to go see your general dentist as well as your orthodontist. However, feel free to call us anytime that you are needing a recurring appointment for your orthodontic needs by calling 918.747.1346.

There are some of the reasons they should have regular checkups and cleanings with your regular dentist. Although they cannot provide you with extensive orthodontic treatments such as braces and Tulsa invisalign, they can help you with so many other ways such as filling cavities that you have and providing you with dental cleanings. These are some great things that you need participate in several times a year to make sure that your oral health is ten out of ten. We highly recommend that you meet with your dentist at least twice a year.

You need to experience dental hygiene cleanings at least twice a year to make sure that you are flossing and brushing correctly. Meeting with your local dental hygienist will allow you the opportunity to be aware of the correct technique and usage of loss as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste. You can also discuss our dental questions that your hygienist as well to make sure that you are using the correct toothpaste or bristles that your teeth need. There are some of the benefits to see your dentist regularly and we highly encourage you to do so.

In addition to these things, they also want to make sure that our fellow dentists are receiving plenty of service. Just because you want straight teeth doesn’t mean you should let them right away. We want to make sure that your teeth are healthy with no copies before we put on the braces. We often recommends that people see their general dentist before even seeing and orthodontist. We want them to know the difference between the two that dentists take care of the general well-being of your teeth such as specific treatments as root canals and filling this and much more. But and orthodontist specializes in the movement and shifting of teeth.

So yes, and conclusion you definitely need to have acted appointments with both your orthodontist as well as your general dentist. They are benefits to both and you could definitely receive hygienic cleanings. As well as braces and Tulsa invisalign in a variety of other dental services through a combination of appointments through 12 offices. The to set up appointment specific for orthodontics and you definitely need to pick up your phone and call 918.747.1346 for more information. Another way for you to get a hold of our office is to do so through our website

Tulsa invisalign | playing sports with braces

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Another frequently asked question that we get here at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics is if it is safe to play sports and practice sports for having braces or Tulsa invisalign. And yes, of course you can still be active in the world and play sports for you have braces, but you definitely need to be careful. Do more information about playing sports with braces or if you have any specific questions you can always call our office and set up a consultation to get braces or to ask questions about this. You can contact us through the phone number to article’s office which is 918.747.1346.

We always caution that sports players be cautious when they have braces but that doesn’t mean you have to stop sports completely. We just recommend that all patients where mouthguards and playing sports. This is actually good idea for anyone a matter of Braces are not. There’s always smarts to make sure that your teeth and mouth are protected at all times and during all activities. So whether you have zero braces, braces and headgear, or Tulsa invisalign you should always make sure that you have mouthguard when playing sports.

Another question that we receive often is due braces or Tulsa invisalign interfere with playing instruments? This is dependent on the patient themselves but often times playing an instrument with braces may be adjustment but often does not create a problem for an extended period of time. It always takes people a little bit of time to get used to the braces were clear braces and this is sad for everyone. It is strange to have giant piece of metal in your mouth and you often have to adjust to talking and eating. The same could be said for when you play an instrument but often times the patients adjust back to playing their instruments fairly quickly so that should not be something that your word.

If you have any other specific questions regarding sports, music, or anything in between you can definitely contact us and ask questions to phone or you can even set up consultation talk directly to one of our dentist on concerns you have with braces, or clear braces. After you have adjusted from braces you may have to use certain things as box to help protect your guns and cheap but this is something that can be done easily and your dentist and Dr. can definitely help you with this.

You can contact our office at any questions you have an empty receive braces or even before you receive braces. The contest number that you can rechargeables office that is 918.747.1346. Another way for you to submit questions that you have is to do so through our website Just by providing us with your name and some contact information you could submit appointment requests as well as questions and comments you have. This is a great way for us to be connected to you who can’t wait for you to take advantage of these two resources.