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We started this business because we had the idea to create a business and the Berryhill Orthodontists community that people could stand behind. We wanted to be able to create the kind of community tightknit relationships that are going to last a lifetime. We focus on making people smile and that’s one of the reasons that we started we love seeing people smile we love being able to see that confidence boost in the kids and see that younger generation feel like they can take over the world.

We want to be able to show them that they can do anything they set their mind to and giving them that confidence with a smile and feeling good about that is going to be a great platform to start with. Giving them a foundation of good dental hygiene habits is also very important to us. We want them to know that they are proactive with their dental care that they can avoid having to even go see any of these dentist. We want to show you again and again why people love coming here before going anywhere else because many of the other people are not going to be able to give you the kind of consistent customer service that we do we stand on people’s my because when they come here

Whether it’s for simple procedure or whether it’s us for a checkup are going to make sure that they can tell how knowledgeable and dedicated we are. When you walk in the door you’re the most important thing in here.

Our staff stays involved with our clients and make sure that throughout the entire process that they feel cared for and important. These are some of the things that set us apart as being different and this is the real reason that we started our business. Berryhill orthodontists could never hold a candle to what we do because we are the best orthodontists in the area.

Not only are we offering really great Berryhill orthodontists to the Oklahoma area but were making sure that they know that we are going to stand out above any of these other offices because we have better technology and more experience than them. Wisdom is always going to outwit skill. These young businesses try to make it all about money and they just all simply have the depth that we have as a business personality. The personality of our business is loving it’s open arms it’s clean offices in great people that smile and love to answer questions and make you feel at home. This is the kind of experience the you’ll have here. And this is why we are so far above any of the other Berryhill orthodontists around. Give us a call today to make an appointment at 918-747-1346 or go

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Our no-brainer offer is going to be a free x-ray in consultation. That’s right folks you can get a free x-ray and consultation on your first time as a customer. We offer that because we know that were going to well you so much by the customer Berryhill Orthodontists service and cleanliness of our office that you’ll definitely want to come back. Many people say just on the cleanliness and environment that we created alone makes them feel so much better than being another dentist office.

still and when you walk in it’s very quiet and awkward and the lady was unhappy to help you and you not really sure what you’re doing and the doctor is so one personable that he doesn’t even know your name or anything in here and we flipped that on its head we have killed the stigma that dental offices should be scary we want you to feel comfortable coming here and be excited that if you’re coming here is because were going to make that smile shine and look even better.

Don’t wait because the longer you wait the worse things can get if you want your teeth to be better come in right now today and let’s get a jump on making sure that your child has straight teeth in a good habitual practice for taking care of those teeth. When it’s time to get your teeth worked on please make sure that you come here first. We will be able to get you a better price with 0% interest on our financing you’ll be able to have a no guilt approach to getting your teeth fixed and having a greater Berryhill Orthodontists smile. If you do want us to get a greater smile for you definitely let us know because we want to be sure that you feel comfortable with what were doing and that you are ready for your confidence to boost.

Another great thing that we offer right here with Berryhill orthodontists always trying to fight for the top spot we have to make sure that we just go so far above and beyond what any of them do with everything from the smells in our office the cleanliness and the actual staff that there’s no way that they could even hold a candle to us. Dr. Joe and Dr. Doug have been working at this for over 30 years in the combined experience they’ve had is been able to lead to so many great smiles and wonderful relationships of blossomed over the years.

Let us prove to you why people love coming here before going anywhere else my people are going to continue coming here because they know that the going to get consistent service and were never going to give up on them. We make you feel important and you walk in the door and that’s the different factor that we have the no one else has. The no-brainer offer is the fact that you can go to the website look of the testimonials and see all the value that we created in those people’s lives and how we can create it in yours give us a chance today right here at 918-747-1346 online