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Best Cosmetic Dentistry Tulsa

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Kirkpatrick and Lai are the highest quality orthodontics in Tulsa. It has been a family practice since 1960 when Dr. Reuben Kirkpatrick began the practice. Then in 1986, his son Dr. Tom Kirkpatrick joined his father in practice followed by Dr. Doug Kirkpatrick in 1993. Then six years later Dr. Joe Lai joined the brothers practice too. They truly grow every day with new patients. They say, they “create more than just beautiful smiles, we create memories.” So just hearing that should get you people wanting to join creating new amazing memories. They all got their doctorates form the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry as well as their Masters of Science in Orthodontics. The team has all been through great school and taught the same which is why they are the best practice in Tulsa. You need to make a appointment today by calling 918-747-1346.


Best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa area is by far Kirkpatrick and Lai. They are the best because they have three doctors who all have been through the top school and have been doing it for many years now. They push hard that braces are need for people. The best part of them is that any ages can get them. So even adults are welcome to get braces. The best part of that adults is they invisible braces they offer now. So you can have them on your teeth and no one else can even see them. You will look normal as always.


Kirkpatrick and Lai give the best customer service. That is why the are the best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa area. They work extra hard making sure each client they have feeling like family. They have the best team possible in Tulsa area.  They allow first time visitor free consultation and X-ray. You can never find that anymore. That is why they try their hardest making everyone feeling welcome in to their office.


Their team is by far the best team you could ever find. They have been trained by the best in the country. They go once a year making sure they are staying up do date and seeing any new advice there is. Each person that is apart of the team makes sure they give the clients exactly what they need. They want each clients mouth and smile better then it has ever been. They want them to get the best smile out of the family now.


Parents stop waiting and contact them today. You will be able to make a appointment to get yours or your kids mouths checked out to see what you guys truly need. The best part of them is they will tell you exactly what you need done to your mouth to get the perfect smile you want. They are excited to get to meet you and have you in their office. So grab your phone now and contact us by calling 918-747-1346. The office will be excited to see you walk in the door!

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Tulsa


This Content Was Written For the


Are you looking for the best orthodontics? You looking for a great doctor? Your teeth not where you wish it was at. You have found three doctors at Kirkpatrick and Lai. The Kirkpatrick brothers with Lai have all come one of the top dentist school. They all work extremely hard together to provide what their patients want. They their goal is to make their patients dream come true. Your smile will become beautiful with their help. They make sure every year they are staying updated with new technology and products that are possible for their clients. This is why they are number one orthodontics in Tulsa area. You need to make a appointment today by calling 918-747-1346. They are the best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa area because they have three doctors who have been through the top schools for the doctrine. They have many offers for their clients. They have five locations right now in Tulsa, Tehlequah, Miami, Okmulgee, and Pryor. Each locations have certain days they are through the week. Their goals are taking care of people throughout Oklahoma.


Best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa area isn’t just there now, having four other locations and hoping to add other locations soon too. You tell me if you know of any little towns having offices of orthodontics, exactly there isn’t any. That is why Kirkpatrick and Lai are moving out through Oklahoma now helping people who don’t have the money to drive down to Tulsa and pay for braces or something like that. Their goal is to give people the opportunity to get the perfect smile going through them.


People they have so many offers for you to get your smile fixed. That is why they are know as the best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa area. Their number one thing they are offering now is invisible braces. They are clear or invisible looking. They give a prefer of a more streamline look. The adults are using more every month. It has become the number one thing use within orthodontics offices. The way this office does it is faster and more smooth then any other place.


Being know as the best cosmetic Tulsa area is because their customer service is amazing. They keep clients number one their list now. Customer services they go through training every month just makings sure they are keeping up with their goals and having the best team around. The reason they do this  is so their clients feel like they are home and welcome into their office.


People don’t wait anymore and contact them today to make a appointment. They understand you may be busy but they will work with your busy schedule now. You are ready to get the smile you or your kids are dreaming of go to their office. You can call them at 918-747-1346.  The doctors and their team are excited to see you come in today. They will give you a free consulting appointment.