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Who are the best Orthodontist in Owasso | The Professionals

So if you’re asking yourself who are the best orthodontist in Owasso I’m going to answer it right now. ┬áKirkpatrick And Lia orthodontics otherwise known as Tom Doug and Joe. They’re all orthodontists and they’re all highly certified to teach to get you braces or some invisible braces. That’s pretty fancy. You can call them at 9:8 for 713 46 or you can visit them. This is the Tulsa location. Five three or four South Harvard Avenue. They’re kind of a big deal. I mean really check this out. Dr. Tom Duncan Dr. Jones Yeah. You know like the main guys the big deals they received their doctorates from the University College. So I mean they’re all certified to do what they do. So you need to quit asking Who are the best orthodontist and also when you’ve already found them. That’s Dr. Tom Doug and Dr. Joe the next time you ask Who are the best or the honest and why. So I want these three names to come to your head and I want you to go to Kurt Patrick and lie orthodontists because this is where you want to be. They give to charities they give back to their community they give it to them and they’re going to get you what you need. Their state of the art technology allows them to straighten your teeth. It’s 5 percent faster than the average orthodontics. They have a proven track record for over 50 years because they opened in 1960. I mean they know what they’re doing. They have five locations they’ve been open for over 50 years. They don’t get it.
They’re treating families in northeast Oklahoma and then they don’t take my word for it you can go online and you can click on the testimonials page and you can see all their reviews. They almost have a perfect review on Google was a 4.9 the best is a 5.0. They’re on Google Maps so they’re easy to find. Go under Web site at K.L. ortho dot com and you’ll be able to see what it’s like. They’ve been on Tulsa World the Fox 23 news channel news a current which is a radio show along with the Journal Record the CW in the news on 6. These people are kind of a big Get do go stop buying of movies and