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Since 1960 we have been providing Bixby Braces at our orthodontics office Kirkpatrick and Lai. The Kirkpatrick Brothers took over after their father and have since been striving to provide some of the highest quality orthodontic services that you can find within the state of oklahoma. they have been lucky enough to open up a many different facilities within Oklahoma for many different areas which is why they’re able to service Bixby residents for their braces needs. Among Us are also able to assist other people within miami, tahlequah, and okmulgee.

there’s so many reasons as to why you should consider Kirkpatrick and Lai for your Bixby Braces needs! to start off, we want you to understand that we’re going to be able to provide you with the most advanced technology and methods that come with Orthodontics care that you’ll find anywhere else within the state. we have many years of experience in there for we continue to strive to provide higher education and higher Training Services for our staff members. orthodontist themselves are continuously striving to gain more knowledge when it comes to the best practices for Orthodontics care.

with this, we want you to understand that your Bixby Braces can actually be our standard braces, or clear braces option come over even our Visa line. we have taken pride and being able to provide the most new age options when it comes to aligning teeth. this means that instead of these standard races option we’re going to provide you with an opportunity to use our radiant braces, a clear option for braces, but extremely new and advanced on the market. this means that you’re going to get an extremely clear smile whilst also obtaining those results that standard braces would give you.

the aesthetic part of your braces is definitely something that holds a lot of people back which is exactly why we want to be able to provide the opportunity for anyone who is interested to be able to take advantage of those clear braces. these are our specially amazing because they have a Microcrystalline Sapphire which works as the brackets and therefore are extremely clear. this is exactly where the name radian come from because they are extremely radiant. we want you to be able to understand what the best practices and cares are for yourself as well which is exactly why we provided tons of information on our website.

you’re more than welcome to visit our website and learn more especially by clicking the questions and answers tab. to do this just go ahead and visit our website at or you can give our Tulsa and Broken Arrow Clinic a call at 918-747-1346 if you are within the area. we also have the other numbers to our other facilities within the states of Oklahoma listed on our website if you are interested in that. you can definitely check out what we are able to offer you on our website as well or give us a call.

Bixby Braces | Methods Matter

Here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics we understand that methods definitely come into play when someone’s considering Bixby Braces! As an orthodontist the doctors that we provide here at our offices are specialized in being able to provide tooth movement options and facial development options. this means that if you are an adult or you are a child we are going to be able to assist you no matter what. however, we want you to know that pediatric patient should be brought in at least by the age of seven because we feel that it’s going to be most important they get in before their Jawbone growth begins to stunt.

Being able to provide these options is definitely what has kept us in business since 1960. we’ve been able to provide the most amazing options for Bixby Braces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. we want you to understand that there are definitely some signs in which you could need braces that you may see early on within your life. these signs are listed on our website as well so you can definitely go ahead and check that out. however, we want you to understand that if you have difficulty chewing or you notice your jaw is moving side to side as you begin to bite down and then you definitely want to give us a call.

these are two very important reasons and giveaways that you may in fact need Bixby Braces, so don’t hesitate to reach out today and see if we can help you out. your first consultation is going to have a free x-ray included as well so we can get a better idea of what your teeth are going to look like. A common misconception is that you cannot start Orthodontics Care at an older age or as an adult, but we assure you that you most definitely can.

all together it will just be easier if we provide Orthodontics care to children at a young age instead of waiting until later. we want to make sure that we can get in there before their bone growth stunts because we know that it’s extremely important to make sure that they get the orthodontics care they need while they can as a young age. learn more on our website Today we can reach out if you have any questions.

all we want to do is assure people that anyone and everyone can come to our clinic and get the assistance they need. we even have affordability options that are going to be best for those who are nervous about coming to us nearly due to the financial aspect. if we in fact accept your insurance we’re going to make sure that if you choose to go with a payment plan that you will not have to pay any interest on that payment plan. this is just one of the ways we are going to help you, learn more on our website or give us a call if you’re in the tulsar Broken Arrow area 918-747-1346.