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Bixby Orthodontists Is it going to make your life so much better because we are going to create the most beautiful smile for you. We would love to show you why we have been creating beautiful smiles for 50 years. We are a tried and true practice and we would love to show you exactly why we are the best orthodontist office in the Oklahoma area. We promise to give you fair assessment at your free consult. If you do not need braces and we will not give you prices. Sometimes people have great oral hygiene and don’t even need braces. But others need a little bit of a helping hand. How do you know if you need braces or not? We will be able to help you with this is so much more at your free consultation.

You never have to worry when it comes to orthodontics. We promise that we are going to provide you with great care because we could really do care about the well-being of your oral hygiene and well-being of you as a person. We want to create lasting relationships for you and her Family members because we understand that is what has got us this far. We really have a compassionate and caring doctors as well as staff members. They will always take the time to know you as a person before they do any kind of treatment on you. Every time you walk in you can feel confident knowing that they are going to treat you like an individual I’d be super excited to see you.

Everything about our office is designed to make sure that your life is easy and comfortable. We want you to come to our office and feel welcomed. That is why we train our staff highly and make sure that they are going to be welcoming to you in every type of situation. We know that if you do not have a free consultation then we will not be able to assess your needs properly and we cannot give you a treatment plan. You need to schedule a free consultation with us so that we can provide you with a treatment plan that is going to provide you with an amazing results in amazing smiles. Bixby Orthodontists loves creating beautiful smiles for people and would love to do the same for you.

Give us a chance and we are not going to disappoint you. All of our staff numbers are highly trained and ready to go as soon as you say the word. We are going to give you a free consultation in order for you to understand your treatment plan effectively. We want you to understand your treatment plan effectively because we know that without an effective treatment plan we will not be able to provide you with the most amazing smile that you deserve. Bixby Orthodontists has a super talented group of staff members and would love to show you exactly why we are the preferred orthodontist of our area. if you’re ready to create a beautiful smile with us that you can call us today at 918.747.1346 or visit our website

Bixby Orthodontists | Continuing Education

Bixby Orthodontists promises to provide you with great service and 100% happiness guarantee. We want you to have a fun experience while you were at our office and that is why we take such great care of you during the process. We want to take such great care of you during the orthodontics process because we know how important it is to create lasting relationships with patients. We want to make sure that you understand you were getting the absolute best care wherever you go. We have tons of train staff members that would absolutely love to work with you and make you smile. I want to make your smile beautiful just like you are.

If you have considered braces in the past then now is your chance to get a free consultation with Kirkpatrick and Leigh orthodontics. We are going to give you a free consultation because we believe that providing you with great orthodontic services and giving you a beautiful smile requires a consultation. They want to give you free x-rays and amazing results in order to live your best life. We went to create a customized treatment plan for you so that we can create a custom smile that only matches you.

There is none like Bixby Orthodontists. We know this because we have a stood the test of time over and over again. We have even survived over 50 years and continue to grow and learn as a orthodontics office. Some of our staff members have been with us for over 10 years because they love our office so much and are so dedicated to giving you exactly what you were needing in an orthodontics office. We went to create an amazing treatment plan for you so that we can move your teeth quickly and give you that beautiful smile fast.

We promise that we are going to provide a beautiful smile for you 55% faster than the other orthodontics offices. We do this because we always have the highest technology that money can buy. We make sure that we stay current on all of our orthodontics practices. That is why we make sure that we are giving our staff members and continuing education. Bixby Orthodontists believes that it is very important for us to provide continuing education for our staff members and for our doctors because there is always something new to learn. We always want you to learn new things because we want to be the best and continue to be the best. Everything that we do is for your benefit and that is why we have become the absolute best orthodontics office that you could find. Every single one of our staff members is highly trained and ready to please you. That’s why you should work with us today and give us a call at
918.747.1346 or visit our website