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Bixby Orthodontists | Why Would Someone Recommend A Family Member To Kl Ortho


We are the best Bixby orthodontists in the area. There going to be any other orthodontists that are able to give you the same kind of care that we will. We go above and beyond to be able to offer you better prices and a better future for your bath.

Not only are we some of the most amazing Bixby orthodontists but we also have been in practice since 1960 so it’s really great when you work with us because you can tell that we have a ton of years of experience in were very good at being able to diagnose things so when there is something wrong there’s no worries about not finding out what it is or not knowing a procedure to take because we’ve been doing this for long enough now that we can pretty much tell what’s wrong just by simply looking at it. We are very dedicated and will be do we want nothing more than to be able to offer you an opportunity to be able to save money and have 0% interest owner financing.

Not only am I going to be able to help you to raise your expectations of a dentist will going to be able to help you as a first-time visitor right now to be able to get a free consultation and x-ray the x-ray services really amazing because it is not very many places are going to give you x-ray services for free.

It is very rare that anyone ever goes out and finds other Bixby orthodontists that even hold a candle to what we do. With the vast amount of knowledge that we have families have seen existential change within their children they see a change in their attitude how they feel about themselves which is so great we love whenever we see a child the inside getting that smile and getting his teeth fixed her her teeth fixed and and filling absolutely stunning afterwords. Let us know we can help you.

Not only can you schedule an appointment on our website but you can get answers to questions on the website as well because right there on the same contact form underneath the schedule and appointment text you have a box at the bottom for comments and questions and it’s a great place to put questions that you may have and then we see the contact form show up with those questions we can give you a call and answer all of that for you that way before you even come and or go for us you have peace of mind and I would encourage you as well to go look at the testimonial videos on our website and the about us page and listen to Dr. Doug and Dr. Joe at what they have to say about their practice. Give us a chance today to show you where were the best in our industry right here at 918-747-1346 or go

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Bixby orthodontists are waiting on your call. Were the best in the industry and it’s because of all the years of experience that we’ve had in the dedication that we have to customer service into growing relations with the people in our community.

We want to be able to become a pillar in the community for trust that way when people need their children to get braces or to get any kind of reconstructive procedure on their smile they know they have somewhere they can come that they feel comfortable with. If you would like better teeth than this is the one way to do it. You need to come and see us and let us show you how we can straight in your smile and get you a white glowing grin right now.

Comfortability is so important. When you come here you can expect to be comfortable to get smiles right when you walk in the door. Our staff is really great and they’re going to be able to help keep that energy up and keep a good relationship with you. When you have questions and you come in those are going to be the primary people that you feel with but we have a very open office feel and so you can see that everyone gets along everyone talks communicates and it’s very family-friendly. Please if you’d like to have that transparency in your doctor’s office come and see us today and we can help you.

The best way to get in touch with the best Bixby orthodontists in the area is by giving us a call because we really are going to be able to schedule something for you for free. The first time customers are going to be able to get a free x-ray in consultation and that’s going to really put you in a good spot because know will know exactly where we stand if there’s something that we need to do with your teeth or your smile we can figure it out quick fast in a hurry and be right on the but we need to do. Don’t you worry in the least we have everything figured out folks. Let us prove to you again and again why we are going to be so amazing I people love working with us.

We really are the most stunning group of people to work with and really are going to surprise you it just how good we are. We do a fantastic job at being able to create change in your life and hope be able to create habits of good health on your teeth. It’s important that you press and floss every day because those are the thoughts small minute tacit are going to be able to give you a better smile the last longer and feels better. If you want to lessen your dental bill than just come here and we can show you how to be proactive about your tooth care. Let us know we can do right here at the place to find the best Bixby orthodontists around call us at 918-747-1346 or go