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If you have been searching for an orthodontist to give you the best braces in Broken Arrow then Kilpatrick and Lai are here to help you achieve the best wild that you have always wanted. We’re going to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with all of your orthodontic procedures with us. We’re going to go through a very extensive treatment plan that’s going to meet the needs and achieve the look that you’re wanting. We strive to make sure that all of her patients are 100% satisfied with our dental procedures because we understand that smile is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance.

Our orthodontic office is going to make sure that you love the braces in Broken Arrow that you receive. Even if you don’t get braces we offer many other orthodontic treatments that are going to ensure the health of your teeth and be a more efficient treatment it’s going to benefit you 100x better than any other orthodontist can you be. We’ve been in business for over 50 years so we have a very skilled and knowledgeable orthodontic team that’s going to give you the results that you’re looking for. We want to make sure that if you are a child or an adult looking to get our orthodontic Services we’re going to give you amazing results that it’s going to be affordable to your budget.

If you are looking for braces in Broken Arrow and you’re on a finance plan we can guarantee that you will get a 0% interest rate with our Orthodontics office. At our Orthodontics office, we have 30 years of combined experience with the current orthodontist in the office today. We have specialized in retainers that are made in-house so we never have to keep our patients waiting on their retainers at the end of their treatment. the other orthodontist In the state of Oklahoma can’t give you that kind of service whenever comes to your retainer needs.

We are going to ensure that you are satisfied 100% with all of the services that you receive with our orthodontist office. We are able to maintain a safe and clean environment because we are continuously up to all of these standards and exceed them whenever it comes to cleaning standards. We want to ensure that our patient self is our number one top priority on top of getting their results done quickly and efficiently while not compromising any and they’re all the treatments. We understand that this is an investment for most Americans so we want to be able to exceed all of your expectations and look forward to coming into our office.

If you would like to get started today on our treatment plan we would love for you to give us a call over the phone at (918) 747-1346 or you can visit our website online at so we can give you additional information. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic so we can get you started on achieving the results that you have always wanted. We can ensure that you will always feel safe in our environment and that we are doing everything in our power to make sure our standards are exceeding expectations.

Braces In Broken Arrow | Affordable Plans and Better Results

If you were looking for an orthodontist who is going to give you the best braces in Broken Arrow then Kilpatrick and Lai it’s going to be able to achieve this result for you. We have been able to innovate all of our processes and procedures to make sure that we are getting all of our patients the best care that is available in the orthodontic industry. We’re going to do an evaluation on the current status of your teeth and create a treatment plan that it’s going to fit your budget and exit all of your expectations. We are able to create treatment plans that are 55% faster than any other orthodontist in the Tulsa area.

We have the top orthodontist that works for our office to give our patients braces in Broken Arrow. We have specialized in all of our technology to make sure that we can do things like make in-house retainers. After your treatment plan, it’s important to get a retainer so that way your teeth Don’t shift back to the way that it was previously. If you lose your retainer or whenever you complete your treatment plan with us you won’t have to wait on getting your retainers after it’s done. If you do lose your retainer you have all of your results on file so we can easily get your retainer remade that day or the next day. We strive to make sure that we can take care of our patients in any way possible that’s going to make your lives way easier.

Some of our patients that received braces in Broken Arrow need a mouth guard to stay safe if they play sports or if they are in an occupation that is considered hazardous. When it comes to things potentially happening to the braces that they get a mouth guard can be a beneficial tool to help sustain your results. We are able to specialize in mouthguards made in our office so that way if you’re playing a recreational sport you can feel more at ease having a specialized mouth guard that’s going to help protect your braces and treatment plan. We will make sure that we walk you through every process and refer to things that are going to benefit you the most.

Our orthodontic office is going to make sure that weeks you don’t love your expectations and give you a 100% satisfied guaranteed service. We care about all of our patients that walk through the door so we’re going to create a treatment plan that’s going to work with your budget and also get you results in 55% faster than any other orthodontist in the Broken Arrow area. We are excited to get your consultation done today so we can get you on track to achieving the left that you’ve always desired. We know that smile is one of the first things that someone notices about your appearance so we are here to make it the best results that you can receive anywhere in the Broken Arrow community.

If you are ready to sign up for an orthodontist that is going to give you the best treatment plan available in the market today that we would love to get you signed up for our services at if you would rather give us a call over the phone after it’s kind of questions are to get your first consultation scheduled with us you can reach us over the phone at (918) 747-1346. we look forward to serving the Broken Arrow community in the future whenever it comes to all of their oral treatment plans.