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If you’re wanting to get braces in Broken Arrow, then our Tulsa orthodontist office will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with all of the dental work that you get done with us. Our office has a track record of 50 plus years and makes sure that we take care of families in the Northeast Oklahoma area for all of their oral and dental Cara. We’re able to make all of our payments affordable and we take all major insurances so that way you’ll have coverage whenever use the office. We’re going to make sure that everything is in your budget and we can give you a 0% interest plan.

With the technology that we use in braces in Broken Arrow, we’re able to straighten your teeth 55% faster than any other orthodontist in the area. We use state at the at Technology so we’re able to perform our dental work more efficiently and faster than any other orthodontist in the area. We’re able to help your health, appearance, and your self-confidence. We want everyone to be able to help you look and feel better about their smile so we’re here to help you get it done affordably and more efficiently with any other Orthodontist in the Tulsa area.

Our team of orthodontists that before me braces and Broken Arrow want to make sure that you’re one hundred percent happy with the results that you get. Even though most people do braces were going to deliver and evaluate your oral health and make sure that you are getting the treatment that is going to work best for your smile and Oral Care. Even if you don’t need braces we’re going to ensure that the treatment that we give you is going to get you the straight or smile you want 55% faster than any other orthodontist in the Tulsa area. We are able to offer a variety of orthodontic treatments that are going to include clear braces, Facial Surgery referrals, adult Orthodontics, braces, and other appliances.

We want to make sure that all of our patients that walk through our door get the smile in the results they’re looking for. We want to make sure that you’re able to get it done with her office more affordably and more efficiently than any other orthodontist in the Tulsa area. We were able to innovate the way that we do Oral Care so we can benefit our patients more than any other orthodontist. We also pride ourselves on having a very easy and convenient way of scheduling for your convenience. We have many different locations across the Oklahoma area including Tulsa, Miami, Okmulgee, and Tahlequah.

If you’re looking to come in for an appointment to see what we can do to get you that straight smile that you’re looking for we would love for you to give us a call over the phone at (918) 747-1346. you can even go to our website to look at the different treatments we can offer you and contact us over the website at we look forward to helping you achieve the smile and look that you want to give back your self-confidence. We are going to give you a smile that you’re going to love.

Braces In Broken Arrow | Smile Like You Mean It

If you are looking for an orthodontist that’s going to give you braces in Broken Arrow Ben Kirkpatrick and why Orthodontics are going to be able to deliver that to you and the most efficient available. We have been able to innovate all of the technology that we used to provide our clients with the straightest and best smile that they have ever had. We’re excited to get you started on a treatment plan that’s going to be customized to the smile that you’re wanting to achieve. We are able to give each patient the best care because we’ve been in business for over 50 years and we have been practicing oral hygienist work since 1960.

When you sign up with all our braces and Broken Arrow treatment plan we’re going to create a long-lasting relationship that’s going to extend even passed you complete your treatment with us. We want to ensure that you’re happy 100% of the time even after your treatment is complete. Over time depending on when you get your treatment plan your teeth can start shifting so we are going to be sure that you keep your straight teeth the same from whenever you completed the treatment from us. We want to make sure that you’re receiving the best care at our orthodontist office because we care about every patient that walks through the door.

We want to be able to achieve the look that you’re wedding whatever you use our purses and Broken Arrow. We do a very extensive evaluation before we start any treatment to make sure that we are performing the best plan that is going to and she’s a smile that you’re looking for. With our technology, we were able to give you a straighter smile 55% faster than any other orthodontist in the area. We are able to do this because we’ve innovated all of our technology and treatment plans to make sure that they’re the most efficient orthodontic treatments in the Tulsa Market. We want to be able to keep communication open between the patients and the orthodontist so that we can ensure that we are meeting your needs and satisfaction at every appointment you have.

When you walk into her orthodontist office we’re going to make sure that is friendly staff member is here to help you whether you’ve used our services before or if you are a new patient. We will make sure that we can run your insurance and then give you the cheapest most affordable plan that is going to work best for your budget. We strive to make sure that all of our patients can before their orthodontic treatment plan because we want you to be more confident and feel better about yourself. We are a talented and skilled group of orthodontists that have continued our education that are continuously changing in the orthodontic industry.

If you’re ready to start your treatment plan with the best orthodontist office in that Broken Arrow location then we’re here to help you today. If you would like to visit our website so you can read about the different treatments that we can offer in what your visits are going to look like then we would love for you to go to if you would rather give us a call to schedule an appointment with us then you can reach us over the phone at (918) 747-1346.