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Most people forget that Braces in Broken Arrow or not are the only option for being able to align your teeth properly. Here at Kirkpatrick and Lai we’re going to go ahead and offer you the possibility to achieve your bright and straight smile at a very low cost and in a very non-invasive manner. We can do this by providing you with Invisalign that we are able to produce here at our facility. Orthodontics are extremely important for both adults and children because if you have a child who is under the age of seven their bones are growing very rapidly and you may notice all of a sudden that they are showing signs that they may need braces. As an adult you may have noticed these signs already and therefore you are very much aware that you’re going to need assistance, which we are more than happy to provide you.

Whether you are going to be a pediatric patient or an adult patient here at our facility we are going to make sure that we can provide you with an attractive smile that’s going to increase your self-confidence today. This is going to make sure that your ability to keep your teeth clean and healthy is going to increase by a lot. We don’t only just offer Braces in Broken Arrow at Kirkpatrick and Lai, but we also offer other services such as surgery if they are required, phase one and phase two treatments, invisalign, and so much more.

You should look no further for some of the best Orthodontics care than here at Kirkpatrick and Lai for both children and adults. We actually have a fax and questions page on our website which is going to explain to you exactly what the benefits are of braces at a young age or as an adult. braces are actually not going to interfere with your life so much and you should definitely be rest assured that we will help you understand how to best care for your Braces in Broken Arrow after they have been put on there.

We are also going to make sure that we educate you on the common practices that come with obtaining braces on your teeth. We want you to know that once the braces are placed they are not going to hurt but you may feel a bit of soreness within the next few days after they have been inserted. This is because they are going to need time to get used to the pressure that they’re under as well as your gums and your lips are going to have to get used to the extra room that the braces require.

Either way, we want you to go ahead and reach out to us today to schedule that first appointment, get a free X-ray and consultation. You can actually schedule that online on our website on or give us a call at 918-747-1346 with any questions you may have. whether you are a current patient or not we will be more than happy to answer that.

Braces in Broken Arrow | Smile Hard!

As a child being able to play hard it’s just as important as being able to smile hard which is exactly why we are going to provide you the option to receive your Braces in Broken Arrow here at Kirkpatrick and Lai! Orthodontics care has been in the industry for well over 50 years, being founded within 1960, and has since been able to expand to multiple facilities Within oklahoma. With this, we have so many years of experience providing some of the best Orthodontic Care that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere else, as well as the amazing customer service that you can’t find in other Orthodontics clinics but ours. We can assure you that we’ll be able to answer any questions you have in regards to the care of your teeth even if you are going to receive braces from our clinic or not.

We also want you to know that on top of the Braces in Broken Arrow we are going to fit you with, we are going to make sure that you understand the proper care that goes into your braces after the fact. We do recommend that you continue to see a general dentist every 6 months for cleanings and typical checkups when you have your braces on, however we can also assure you that we would be more than happy to review your current status of your teeth if you’re having any issues.

Most kids also tend to play sports or an instrument when they come to us and they are in need of braces. This is exactly where we’re going to remind you that Braces in Broken Arrow are not going to interfere with much when it comes to your everyday life and instead they’re only going to be a few things that you should watch out for. These things are going to be the fact that you will not be able to eat sticky items, crunchy items, or anything that could possibly pop off one of your brackets. It’s also commonly misunderstood that having braces is going to interfere with playing an instrument or your favorite sport. We are here to say that it is definitely not going to affect that but we do recommend that those in sports wear a mouthguard in order to protect those braces.

As for those who play an instrument we have nothing to provide because we know that it’s not going to interfere and it will merely be an adjustment for you and the fact that you are going to figure out how to blow, purslips, etc. that comes along with playing an instrument. The only effect you should have if you receive braces and plan instruments is going to be the fact that your mouth feels a little bit different than usual. so if you play the guitar then you should definitely be fine because that should not require your mouth, to learn more go to our website app you’re also more than welcome to give us a call and schedule that first appointment today 918-747-1346.