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Giving back Smiles is extremely important to us here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics where we are going to be able to provide you some of the most advanced options for Braces in Broken Arrow! Our facility has been in business since 1960 and strives to continuously upgrade the Technologies and Advanced Materials that help our staff operate to the best of their abilities. We know that providing a family oriented atmosphere with extremely talented staff is going to make the difference between you and your smile tomorrow. We also know that as anyone there are concerns when it comes to the financial aspect and the ability for you to take time out of your schedule to attend an orthodontist for the assistance that you need.

This is exactly why we have decided to provide you four separate locations and Offices here in the Oklahoma area where they are located in tulsa, miami, tahlequah, and a mulgate as well. no matter where you are we are going to be able to assist you and provide you with the orthodontic assistance that you so need. We also try to provide you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have even if it’s regarding your Braces in Broken Arrow, which is extremely important because you find that most office settings are not going to allow that open concept for questions regarding treatment.

Most of the time, it is saying that offices are going to go ahead and advise you that you’ll need Braces in Broken Arrow and then it is as simple as scheduling an appointment to get those on. However, here we want to make sure that you know you have options when it comes to straining your teeth. We have a variety of treatments for your orthodontic needs. So if you do need early treatment for your kiddo to avoid facial surgery in the future then you definitely want to get a hold of us. We also know that adults may be struggling with the same issues which is exactly why we are both an adult and Pediatric facility.

There should be no reason as to why you pass up on an opportunity to book your first appointment with us today. When you book that first appointment we’re going to go ahead and give you a completely free consultation and x-ray. This is going to give us an idea of how we can best assist you and what treatments are going to be the best fit for you.

to go ahead and schedule that first appointment today just visit our website at then go ahead and submit an inquiry to be able to create that first appointment today. We also recommend that if you have any questions you definitely don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our phone line 918-747-1346 for anyone within the Tulsa area. We have many locations and are more than happy to assist you no matter what part of Oklahoma you are in.

Braces in Broken Arrow | Young Or Old, All Welcome

Here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics we definitely recommend that if you feel your child needs immediate intervention when it comes to their orthodontic treatment that you reach out to us in order to discuss the possibility of Braces in Broken Arrow. Early intervention within a child’s life is going to be the difference between them having to complete more invasive procedures in the future and them having a bright smile that is not going to require a certain surgery. There is actually a recommended age by the American Association of Orthodontics when we recommend a child visits Us by the age of seven or earlier. This is because at this age the child’s teeth are still growing and we need to catch any malformations prior to their job growth slowing.

However, we want you to understand that not only do we take care of pediatric patients here at our office but we also take care of adult patients who are in need of Braces in Broken Arrow. on top of this we’re going to go ahead and make sure that if you are an adult and you are having troubles with your teeth aligning properly or anything along the signs of that that we are going to be able to assist you in providing a beautiful and Healthy Smile with either braces, a surgery, or whatever you may need assistance with.

You’ll be extremely surprised to learn that a large portion of patients seen at the orthodontist today are adults. These are going to be nearly 20-25% of the population that sees Orthodontics during the year. This is because anyone and everyone is allowed to have a bright beautiful smile that’s going to make them proud. Braces in Broken Arrow are a great option for this because they are going to be a gentle and gradual positioning equipment. This means that we are going to help your teeth become aligned in a very steady but gentle method.

We understand exactly how scary races can be, which is why we want to make sure that you understand the process, the healing time, and exactly how long this treatment could last you. We also want you to know that braces are not going to hurt you but you may feel a little bit of discomfort and soreness within your mouth after following the insertion of your braces. This is because your teeth are getting used to the feeling of slowly moving and are under a little bit more pressure than they are used to.

We have tons of information regarding the process that it takes for braces to be completed and the Warren on our website at all you gotta do is ask us exactly what questions you haven’t we will be more than happy to answer as well. If you are in the Tulsa area we recommend that you give us a call today to schedule that first appointment and get a free consultation and x-ray. You can call us at 918-747-1346 and we can be in your Orthodontics treatment today.