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Are you looking for some of the best Braces in Broken Arrow well then Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics has got your back. Here We are a family owned business that has a passion for ensuring people have a beautiful smile. All of our doctors and staff here have a passion for helping others. I want to help you succeed. We have over 30 years of combined experience to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Our friend staff members are always eager to help you with any questions or inquiries that you may have. Our entire team is a tight-knit community of friends! We have some friends that have been working for us for over 10 years and we are proud to welcome you to our Orthodontics office. We look forward to helping you work hard, smile hard, and play hard!

When it comes to our office of Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics where we offer Braces in Broken Arrow in other locations, we offer a variety of benefits. mini always ask what are the possible benefits of orthodontics? and that’s a great question I would love to answer! Just a few examples of the benefits could be an increase in self-confidence, a more attractive smile, guiding permanent teeth into a more favorable position, and even better long-term health of teeth and your gums. These are just an example of many benefits that come from Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics when we work with you.

Looking for some of the best Braces in Broken Arrow Can Begin by contacting us at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. We take pride in our success with our customers, from ages young to old. There can be success in teeth fixation all the way from 6 years old to 60 years old. When it comes to our website we have a web page for testimonials within our company. This shows the success that we’ve had here with our doctors and our clientele. You can see written testimonials and photos of our past clients and current. We take pride in this due to the fact that our passion is to help people build a beautiful smile.

Getting Braces is one thing, yet at Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics we take pride and give back to our community. We will give you a great smile, but we will also give you a great time. One thing that we truly believe in is giving back to our community, giving smiles. There is an organization called Royal Family Kids Camp birthday party, which gives back to kids who may have been forgotten about when it comes to their birthday party. For every new patient that starts treatment with us we will donate $10 to them, also any donation we receive for a business will be directly given to the Royal kids camp.

When it comes to our treatment and our articles we hope that you find it a great fit for you. We want to ensure that you are successful when you come here at Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics. Our first time visitors will receive a free consultation and x-ray. If you want to look into the schedule , you can call our Tulsa location at 918-747-1346. for other inquiries or locations, or general information you can visit our website at we look forward to helping you build a beautiful smile that way you can work hard, play hard,

Braces in Broken Arrow | Bye Bye Crookedness

It’s time to get your teeth back in place, So looking for Braces in Broken Arrow can be easy when you join us at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. The mission here is to make your time with us convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. when to ensure that you have a beautiful smile! We have a staff with over 30 years combined experience! We are a family-owned business, and we’ve had friends who have been working here at our company for over 10 years. We want to ensure that this is a comfortable place for our patients to come and get a great smile. going to ensure that you’re comfortable.

And when it comes to getting Braces in Broken Arrow, we can offer you the greatest experience here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. We have a lab team and technicians that have over 30 years combined experience. when it comes to our Appliance application AI makes rapid palatal expanders. They also make our night guards, which we can fit you for. Our team specializes in making the clear and acrylic retainers as well as custom mouth guards. When it comes to all of our appliances and retainers for you, they are made in-house so we never keep our patients waiting. We take pride in this knowing you can get a beautiful smile and take it home the same day.

We want you to get not only a life straightened out but your teeth straightened so finding Braces in Broken Arrow at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics is a place for you. We aspire to make you have a beautiful smile so that you can work hard, and smile hard! Our doctors have a true passion for helping others here at our office. Both doctors have a passion for ensuring that you have a beautiful smile, so that you can grow confidence. when to be sure that you have healthy teeth and gums here at Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics. We want you to be successful and we want you to trust us to ensure that you have a beautiful smile. not only does the smile matter but your health matters as well. That’s why we take our time to look into X-rays and consultations.

When it comes to getting our Braces  here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics Burlington sure that you know our story. We want to make Oklahoma a better place together, that’s why we work with the Royal Family Kids Camp birthday party. The Royal kids can give kids who may have forgotten or left out birthday parties they never received. so for every new patient he starts treatment with us here we will donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids camp. not only this yet all money donated to our company will be directly donated to giving kids a birthday camp. not only were we giving Smiles, we’re giving birthdays and memories.

If you are looking for braces and Broken Arrow and went to work with us, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are very passionate about being with you every step of the way in your process. For your free consultation and a free x-ray you can reach out to her Tulsa location at 918-747-1346 or for more information on different locations you can visit our website at We are looking forward to giving you an amazingly gorgeous smile!!