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It’s never been easier to provide top quality Braces in Broken Arrow than we’ve made it here at Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics. We have been in business since 1960 providing some of the best Orthodontics that you can find in oklahoma. We are the Face for family-owned Orthodontics care in the state of oklahoma. We know this because we are going to continue to strive and create more accessible Orthodontics needs here in Oklahoma for many years to come even past the near hundred we’ve been in business. You may have often seen us online or within many media posts which is extraordinary considering our doctors, brothers and their father, were what started the amazing Orthodontics care that we have here.

They are often seen winning certain Awards and being acknowledged within the community for giving back to improve others lives. We also like to go ahead and boast the amazing accomplishments that our doctors have been able to be awarded with on our website as well. so if you are interested in learning a little bit about this all you have to do is go to our website and then select media. While you’re there, go ahead and learn a little bit more about the Braces in Broken Arrow services we’re going to be able to provide to you. We don’t want to get off track and only focus on the amazing accomplishments of our doctors.

Instead, we want to remind you that these amazing accomplishments are just a small part of the atmosphere in which you can find in our facility. you’re going to find that we are a family oriented, passionate, and supportive facility that wants to make sure both adults and children feel extraordinary within their new smiles. We want you to feel confident coming to us for your Braces in Broken Arrow needs because we’re now going to be able to help you as well as the kiddo you’ve noticed has a few issues with their job.

However, we want to make sure you understand that if you do have a kid you believe may need assistance when it comes to jaw alignment or teeth alignment, you are going to need to reach out to us as soon as possible. It is actually recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics that every child should visit an orthodontist by the age of 7. This is because between the ages of eight up until preteen at your kid’s jaw is going to slow down in terms of growth. before the age of seven they are going to continuously be growing and this is when we want to be able to catch them and provide them with the services necessary to avoid a more invasive procedure in the future.

If this sounds like something that can help your kid then you should go ahead and check out our website to learn more about the two face process we offer for treatment and children. to learn about this go to our website on then select faxing questions. You can also call us at 918-747-1346.

Braces in Broken Arrow | Do I Need Them?

There are so many early signs and reasons as to why someone could possibly need Braces in Broken Arrow. We want to make sure that you can get the information and resources necessary at our facility, Kirkpatrick and Lai, in order for you to understand if braces are going to be a benefit for you. Of course we are going to have our coordinators for treatment plans go over the proper treatment that we believe could assist you if we do in fact believe you need braces. We also offer Invisalign which is a good option if you do not want braces but we have found that you definitely need assistance in straightening your jaw or aligning your teeth.

Unfortunately, you are going to reach an age if you are an adult in which the irregularities in your jaw have surpassed our capabilities of handling them with braces or invisalign. At this point we may need to discuss the possibility of a surgery to fix the alignment of your job. This is exactly why we recommend that most kids be brought into our facility by the age of seven, as recommended by the American Association of orthodontics. Correcting orthodontic issues at an early age is very important so if you believe that your kid could benefit from our Braces in Broken Arrow then you should call us today.

However, we are going to go ahead and go over a few common signs that you may notice which make you consider the possibility of Braces in Broken Arrow. These are going to pertain to both pediatric patients and adults. you may notice that your teeth are protruding in a manner over the lower ones that would be considered but. This is often seen at a younger age in which the teeth grow, so it can definitely be caught early on. Another sign that you definitely may want to see an orthodontist is going to be the fact that you’re having difficulty chewing or you have an overlap in your teeth.

Another extremely common reason to which people reach out to us to see if they could be assisted with braces is going to be the fact that their lower jaw shifts one side or the other when they are eating or chewing. This is a sign that your jaw is definitely going to be a little uneven. We also understand that people who have uneven teeth already have an appointment where it’s excessively noticeable then you may want to check in with an orthodontist.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why we would recommend you reach out to us for your braces needs and to even just get a free x-ray or consultation and see if we could possibly help you. It is extremely important to reach out to us today so you should go ahead and visit our website at in order to schedule that first appointment. You can also give us a call at 918-747-1346!