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Broken Arrow Clear Braces Provides the Oklahoma community with an orthodontist office they can trust. With our level of care and excellence make sure that you will be getting services that exceed industry standards. You’re going to get everything from braces, two Invisalign, to emergency dental care taken care of at one of our offices in Oklahoma. You can access our office anywhere from Tahlequah to Tulsa to during our business hours. We are here to give you a great Smile and a great experience.

We have a team of highly trained talented people who specialize in orthodontics service. We can give you everything you need in a hassle free appointment. Broken Arrow Clear Braces Provides a team of wise doctors, technicians,and certified lab technicians. To take care of all of your appointments with ease. One of the greatest things about working with us is experiencing the world class customer service that has gotten us featured on channel 6 news, and also investing in the opportunity to impact our community. What are the ways we have dont that here is by giving donations to create birthdays for abused and abandoned kids in the world family kids camp birthday party organization.

Our office regularly gives back $10 for every new patient to the royal family kids, camp birthday party fund. Broken Arrow Clear Braces Is very happy to partner with this organization because it helps children celebrate their birthdays and make sure that everyone feels special. Just like we aim to do it locations. We are here to make our community better and a lot of our patients are young children. That is why we have invested in an organization that further supports getting back to the young community in Oklahoma. We have put on birthdays for children’s birthdays they would usually be forgotten. Being impacted here are common ones that I’ve been victims of neglect, and are in foster care situations. There are dozens of handwritten thank you notes and testimony on our website you can view about the children who are impacted by our giving. We have successfully Reyes $7500 for the Royal family kids camp deserve a party in the park with our Kirkpatrick and Lai team

We have this essay, put on these activities with food and proper organization so that it will make a big impact every year with this camp. We are blessed to be a blessing and are excited to continue this partnership in the future. You can also join us and give through our website to further support the children of our community. This has been a dream of Dr. Kirkpatrick‘s for years and he is incredibly excited to work at a practice that honors our community. Our company is a great company for you because we genuinely care about our children in our community and that includes you. That’s why we are one of the best choices for you.

If you’re ready to begin investing in community, along with us, new patient, free x-ray and consultation for giving us a call at (918) 747-1346
We’re reading more about this amazing organization that impacts children across our city on our website at

Broken Arrow Clear Braces | Quality Service That Has Broken Headlines in the News and Articles

Broken Arrow Clear Braces It’s one of the best options to choose while looking for a great family oriented atmosphere orthodontics office. We have multiple years of experience and have received hundreds of 5 star ratings, becoming one of the most highly reviewed orthodontists in Oklahoma. One amazing benefits that’s a part of your appointment with us is the 55% more efficient treatments that straining teeth faster than the average orthodontist office. This means that we will be saving you a lot of time and putting on your child in braces with the most innovative treatments. We are the best in the business.

Our company has been providing quality service for many years ever since the beginning of our practice in 1986, all the way to 1983. We have secured the most dedicated doctors on our teams. They are doctors dedicated to their families, their office and their patients. Constantly seeking ways to improve your treatment plans and options. We give you amazing customer service here at Broken Arrow Clear Braces. With all these amazing benefits, as well as a fully staffed team, that is knowledgeable and OSHA certified. We’re all working hard to maintain this level of care and quality of service to you every single time you come in. But every single appointment you were beginning world-class customer service

One of the greatest accomplishments we have had here throughout these years of providing five star rated service to our community, is being featured in news journals.Broken Arrow Clear Braces has had an article written about our world class. I was in the Tulsa world paper, which is a very popular newspaper in the Tulsa area. It was read by hundreds in the community and our clients raved about how amazing we made them feel during their appointment. News channels, such as FOX23, news, channel 8, and news channel 6 are also mainstream platforms that are featured on TV. They also testified to the quality of treatment plans and efficiency we offer in the Tulsa area exceeding all of the other ones in the industry.

Throughout the years, we have also landed columns in the journal record, the CW, and even the Tulsa people magazine. This kind of success is not just word of mouth, but it is a proven written testimony of hundreds of patients that you can even read online on our testimonials page. We have also been featured on KRMG radio and have made a big difference in our community. This is a great way for you to read about all of our success and for you. We offer 100% that satisfaction guaranteed, and with this kind of track, Wickard and newspaper articles about us you know where the ones you can trust.

If you’re ready to begin experiencing the headline, making world-class customer experience, give us a call today at (918) 747-1346 or go online and read more at