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Are you scared of the standard set of braces that you are required to get at a certain age and instead you’re interested in looking for Broken Arrow Clear Braces? well then you have definitely come to the right place because here at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics we’re going to be able to provide you with some of those amazing options for braces no matter what age you are, what you’re going to prefer, or what’s going to best fit your needs. All we want is for you to understand that there are just so many options when it comes to aligning your teeth that you really shouldn’t be put down by the thought of braces. We also don’t want you to be scared to enter our facility because you may feel like we are going to provide you with only the option.

we can assure you that we are going to give you every single option that we feel viable for your situation. We also want you to know that on your first visit as a new patient we’re going to make sure you get a free X-ray and consultation so we can best help you understand your current position with your teeth. We also want you to know that on top of this we’re going to let you speak with a treatment coordinator who’s going to advise you on the best practices for taking care of your Broken Arrow Clear Braces.

at our office, Kirkpatrick and Lai., we are luckily able to provide you with one of the best Broken Arrow Clear Braces that have been Advanced over time for many many different areas. We want you to know that these braces are referred to as radiant braces and they’re going to be able to provide you with the clearest version of braces that you can find on the market. These are actually made of Monocrystalline Sapphire which means they are going to have the clearest bracket of all. this will give you that AKA radiant smile you’ve been looking for.

Fear is definitely the number one factor that holds people back here at our Orthodontics office because we know that people are scared of the financial aspect among many other areas of concern when it comes to Orthodontics care. That’s exactly why we are going to go ahead and help you understand how important it is for you to be able to learn the needed maintenance and upkeep after you do in fact choose the best option for you.

Once you are comfortable and familiar with that process we’ll go ahead and discuss actual installation and then the process of healing after the fact. you will not experience any pain if you receive braces, however we mentioned discomfort due to the new pressure within your teeth and your lips along with your gums adjusting to the new weight. to learn more go to our website on or give us a call at 918-747-1346.

Broken Arrow Clear Braces | You’ll Love Your Smile

The whole goal of our Orthodontics offices is to be able to provide you with the best options for Broken Arrow Clear Braces, standard braces, as well as invisalign. you having that smile that you deserve is going to be exactly what makes us happy. With our company being in business for many many years, especially since 1960, we have tons of experience and have been able to develop some of the best practices and procedures you will see on the market today. We have been serving Oklahoma for so many years providing some of the best Orthodontics care that you will find anywhere else. With this, we also want you to know that the Kirkpatrick Brothers have been advancing their methodology for many many years and are seen in the industry obtaining many awards and recognitions for several different things.

This should go ahead and tell you enough about the Kirkpatrick goals and Ambitions that they have. They are seriously ambitious and passionate about providing some of the best Smiles that you’re going to find anywhere else through orthodontic care. We want you to know that the Broken Arrow Clear Braces is going to be a great option for you if you do not want to install typical braces on your teeth because of the aesthetic appeal. These types of braces are going to provide you with that same outcome that you see with normal braces just without the metal look to your face.

Of course there is going to be a lot less maintenance as well, this is because we are going to make sure that the patient is aware that there is not going to be as much upkeep but they’re still going to be necessary to update. With these being Broken Arrow Clear Braces, you will still have brackets except they will be made from an amazing material called monocrystalline Sapphire which makes them extremely clear. These braces are actually referred to as radium braces and are going to be some of the best clear braces that you’re able to find on the market nowadays.

Believe it or not, these are going to be a more popular option than Invisalign because Invisalign can be irritating to some which we completely understand as well. you also will need to replace your aligners and of course with your clear braces you are not going to have to replace your aligners and it said you may just need to get in contact with us in order to replace a bracket or a wire within the braces. that is the only reason in which you would need to contact us unlike if you were to go with invisalign.

However, our facility offers Invisalign options as well so you can definitely learn more about that and the benefits that those are going to be able to serve you on our website at You can also give us a call at 918-747-1346 to answer any questions you may have that you feel aren’t answered on our website.