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Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics has been in business since 1960 providing Oklahoma with the highest quality assistance when it comes to orthodontic Deeds whether that be for Broken Arrow Clear Braces, standard braces, or even invisaligns. We are more than trained and knowledgeable and the proper processes and procedures that it takes to provide you with the best Orthodontist Care you can get. We also know the importance of Early Intervention which is why we want to go ahead and recommend that you bring your kiddo in before the age of eight when their job continues to stop growing. Before this their job will be continuously growing and it’s important to catch any malformations at that time rather than later.

With this, we also understand that if you have a kiddo who has undergone a treatment for braces or any type of jaw alignment that emergencies can happen. We want to be here for you if an emergency does happen so you can definitely reach out to us and let us know exactly what the issue is, and we will then schedule an appointment for an emergency treatment session. Honestly you are not often going to see kids that request Broken Arrow Clear Braces due to the simple fact that kids are often going to prefer regular braces because you are able to choose exactly what colors you want and etc.

kids really do enjoy braces if they already had no issue with it because they’re going to learn that they will be able to choose what colors of bands they want for their braces options. they’re also able to choose the Broken Arrow Clear Braces, however it is good to know that you will want to mention to your kid that they can change the color of typical braces. This is usually a focal point for kids that are young and unsure about what braces are going to entail.

For adults that are seeing our clinic and are concerned for their Orthodontics care then we can assure you that we are going to provide you with the utmost high quality experience that you’ll find anywhere else. We want you to continue to brush your teeth as normal and to make sure your overall hygiene is going to be as good as possible if you need braces as a treatment option. This is because teeth that have braces are at risk for becoming stained a lot quicker, at a risk for more plaque, and just a lot more due to the braces covering the teeth. We recommend that you rush after every meal.

information is always listed on our website for people to learn about because we know the importance of not only getting the information while you’re at our office, but also being able to review it at home. So if you do want to review the information regarding our braces options go to our website on or give us a call at 918-747-1346.

Broken Arrow Clear Braces | We Love The Community

Providing Orthodontics care to the community since 1960 has definitely been one of the focal points of Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics office along with the amazing options for braces that they have, such as Broken Arrow Clear Braces. This is just one of the ways in which this orthodontist office has shown that they are going to provide some of the best and highest quality treatments and options that you’re going to be able to find anywhere else. These options truly are one of a kind in the sense that this facility has many years of experience learning what the best methods and procedures are. They’ve also been more than capable of advancing these techniques and processes that they already had in place to the continued education that the Kirkpatrick brothers and doctor lai continue to receive.

However, we are not going to go ahead and go over the education that the brothers received in and say we are going to go ahead and go over the amazing ways that the brothers have been able to help out their community. They know the importance of being able to assist in ways that some people may not be able to, considering they know that their position is very good. they’re also extremely thankful for this and they show this by providing opportunities to the community along with their financial assistance in the office when it comes to Broken Arrow Clear Braces.

Along with providing some of the most beneficial Financial plans for Broken Arrow Clear Braces we’re all going to make sure that these Financial plans require 0% interest from you. This means that there’s going to be no interest when you finally choose which braces are going to work best for you and which payment plan you’re going to accept with us. you can pay off your treatments in full without having to pay any extra cost such as the interest.

With this, you can also see that the brothers have a major part within the community by assisting children who are currently in the foster care system achieve the birthday party of their dreams. There is a camp currently in place that allows these foster children to go and enjoy a birthday party and enjoy the familiar experience of a family. there are oftentimes in Need for funds to be donated in order for this to occur with the best possible outcome. This is where the Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontist office comes into place.

We want you to be able to learn a little bit more about this, which is exactly why we have provided tons of information on our website regarding this organization and how you personally can help them if you are interested. We want you to visit our website at to learn more about these options and the things we’re going to be able to assist you with. You are also more than welcome to give us a call if you have any questions about donating or the possibility of assisting when it comes to the next birthday party event. You can call us at 918-747-1346.