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Where to Get Crowns in Tulsa

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

When getting crowns in Tulsa, you want to ensure that you go to a dentist who can provide you top-level service. Dr. Chris Tricinella at South Tulsa Dental  has been putting crowns on people’s teeth since he graduated from dental surgery school in 2007. A crown quite simply is just a cap that is put on chipped or broken teeth that are not able to be restored to their original condition. The crown serves as a means to bring the tooth back to its original shape. The crown also provides an artificial covering to protect and strengthen the tooth to prevent any further damage to the truth or surrounding gums. Crowns in Tulsa is a very common procedure to have done and Dr. Chris Tricinella  does hundreds of them per year and has done thousands of them in his career.

Getting crowns done in Tulsa is just like any other dental procedure in the fact that you want somebody who is experienced in the procedure otherwise you could end up with complications or if you have a more difficult case requiring an extra level of skill you want to ensure that the person doing the procedure can handle it once they get into it. You can rest assured that Dr. Chris Tricinella  has the necessary skills and experience to handle just about anything they could come up during your procedure. You can be assured of this because of the extensive time that he puts in to acquiring the necessary skills to be able handle any situation that arises. He is the team dentist for the Tulsa Roughnecks. He donates his time, skills, and dental expertise to nonprofit organizations such as the Eastern Oklahoma donated dental services nonprofit, love thy neighbor, and dentistry from the heart. Donating his time and skills to perform dental work and dental education for these three organizations on top of his own dental practice gives him the skill and expertise a notch above any competitor.

So when looking for who should do your crowns in Tulsa Dr. Chris Tricinella,  assuming you can get in to see him, is one of the best to get the job done fast and efficient. He will do his best to ensure that your tooth is taken care of in the best possible way, and your crown fits perfectly and looks just like any of your other teeth. Gone are the days of old when you needed a metal crown in your mouth and your mouth was filled with gold and silver. Most of the time now a days you will get a ceramic crown that looks exactly like the rest of your teeth. These look much better from a aesthetic point of view and function extremely well.

For one of the most experienced dentists in Tulsa to complete your crown procedures, veneers, teeth whitening, corrective dentistry, sedation, Botox and Juviderm, emergency services, or regular pediatric and family dentistry Dr. Chris Tricinella at South Tulsa Dental should be on the top of your list. To learn more go to

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tulsa

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

Dr. Chris Tricinella  at South Tulsa dental provides crowns in Tulsa along with cosmetic dentistry, veneers, teeth whitening, bridges, dentures and partial dentures, Botox and Juviderm, emergency dental services, pediatric and family dentistry, and dental sedation. He spends his spare time providing dental services to the underprivileged, physically disabled, and elderly through the Eastern Oklahoma donated dental services nonprofit organization. He also is the official team dentist of the Tulsa Roughnecks. If you want a dentist who is all in and is continually on a mission to improve his craft, skills, and knowledge of his area of interest there is nobody who does it better than Dr. Chris Tricinella  at South Tulsa dental. Dr. Chris Tricinella graduated from dental surgery school in 2007 and has been tenacious about improving upon his skills ever since.

He is tenacious about taking on as many cases and as many patients as he possibly can to ensure that he gets the most possible experience in dealing with every imaginable case. He never wants to be in a case where he cannot handle the situation. Whether it be fitting crowns in Tulsa or root canals in Tulsa, he can handle any circumstance or situation that could arise. This is what you want when you see a dentist or really any doctor for that matter. You want to be assured that they can handle any situation or circumstance that may appear during a surgery.  Just simply by the sheer amount of dental work that Dr. Chris Tricinella does you can be assured that he can handle any situation that arises with your dental procedure.

When doing crowns in Tulsa Dr. Chris is especially adept at making sure that your tooth is fully restored as a fully functioning and protected by the crown from any further damage. Teeth that need crowns are teeth that are chipped or somehow the integrity is compromised and cannot be fully restored. The crown is put over the tooth to hold it together and protect it from any further damage. Dr. Chris Tricinella is an expert at this procedure.

Dr. Chris Tricinella  is a local resident growing up in Tulsa and attending Northeastern State University receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology. After matriculating through undergraduate school he went to the University of Oklahoma College of dentistry graduating in 2007 with a Dr. of dental surgery. He loves Tulsa and therefore wanted to practice his dentistry in Tulsa and has been doing so ever since his graduation 2007. One of Dr. Chris Tricinella’s specialties is his certification in adult and pediatric conscious sedation. Basically what this allows is for anybody who is anxious or nervous about getting crowns in Tulsa he has a very comfortable and comforting alternative to standard anesthesia. This allows his patients who are normally anxious about dental work to be less anxious and have a more comfortable procedure.

Dr. Chris Tricinella  is a member of the American Dental Association, the Oklahoma Dental Association, and currently serves as the president of the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry.