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We service many areas and Oklahoma region. If you’re in Northeast Oklahoma that we can probably service you. We have a few different locations so you just have to go online and check what location maybe closest to you. We have locations in Miami and Tulsa and more. So please go to the website look at the different locations you. We enjoy being able to help people want nothing more than to show you a good time and a great experience.

If you are looking to find orthodontists in Sand Springs the best way to do that is by just picking the phone up and giving us a call. Were the best ones in the industry and everyone here knows that we’ve been in business for over 30 years with the highest and most reviewed company in these areas and I don’t know that I haven’t met anyone else that doesn’t agree. I mean we go above and beyond for our clients you love how friendly we are and how easy we are working with the kids. The kids even feel comfortable being here and that’s saying something. So come and see what we have got in store for you.

Not only are we making kids comfortable whenever comes to getting braces and untoward were re-creating the stigma that dental offices are scary we don’t want that to be the case we want people to be excited to come get dental work done take care of their teeth have a better smile me know should be things that we should be encouraging in the child’s life’s and so that’s we want to focus on. Whenever you are trying to dig around in the Oklahoma area and find orthodontists in Sand Springs look no further than right here because were going to be the number one answer for you every single time.

We do so much more than just help people find orthodontists in Sand Springs we do a great job at being able to provide customer service and really create long-term relationships. We can show you how to be proactive with care we don’t necessarily want to take more money from you we want to create long-term relationships and give you smiles that you can share with the world. When your smile is great and you feel good about it your confidence is through the roof and that is a big deal for children. Please help your child have a straighter smile and more confidence right here by bring them into see us.

We would love to be able to help them to get the smile that they want and deserve right here today don’t waste time don’t hesitate come as he is now let us show you again and again why people love coming here before going anywhere else. We are the best at what we do when everyone knows it give us a chance to show you right here at 918-747-1346 or go

Will You Be Able To Find Orthodontists In Sand Springs?


When you want to find orthodontists in Sand Springs the best place is right here were giving people the smile that they need right now today we have everything from testimonials on the website to the people that we’ve worked with before and magazines we’ve been seen in. Everything from Tulsa world to Fox 23 we’ve been on the cover of and you’ll be able to tell that we’ve been around for a while just by the testimonials and by the sheer amount of knowledge that we have gained. With 55% more efficiency than other companies that do similar work in our area we are going to be the standout business.

We stand out people’s minds because we’ve been around long enough that we can answer questions for you and make you feel comfortable when you’re in our office. We do a great job at keeping the office clean have a great a course smells and much more. We are faster at getting you were you need to be. Your path to a brighter and more white smile is only a few steps away. We literally are over half faster than other companies. Orthodontics of a variety of different treatments including clear braces and facial surgery referrals in a matter what it is that you need were going to be able to get you there quick easy and without the stress. We want you to have a better smile today.

The simple fact is that when you come here you get to take part in a whole experience. It’s way better whenever you find orthodontists in Sand Springs right here at our office. We do a lot for people them are going to continue offering a great deal of information so that you can know how to not only be proactive with what we offer but do a great job at being able to take care of your teeth yourself so that we can help you with other things. So if you want to feel better but you look all you need do is give us a call, and we’ll be glad speak with you.

We really do such a great job that you’ll never want to go anywhere else because many of the other companies that you’ll end up going to her noggin have the same kind of care that we will. Were fast easy to work with and you’ll love being a part of the Dr. Doug and Dr. Joe team. When there taking care of you here in the right hands.

You’ll know it just simply by the testimonials other people are put online you can learn more about how we give smiles and give birthdays campaign. Our doctors evaluate you and figure out what is wrong with you and then we work on an individual patient plan to help you get to whatever your goals are with your teeth. Let us show you where the best place to find orthodontists in Sand Springs is that right here at 918-747-1346 or