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So when you’re trying to find Owasso Orthodontist you’ll need to go online and look up KL ortho dot com that’s going to take you to Kirkpatrick and lia orthodontics and they’re highly professional trained stuff and you’re going to read about what they have to offer as your money down fast with fast results and satisfaction guaranteed. They’ve been helping people since 1960. They have a great track record with the state of the art technology allows you to allows them to straighten your teeth 55 percent faster than the average orthodox. They have been proved they have a proven track or for over 50 years from treating families in the north east Oklahoma. Don’t take my word for it you can go on and read it yourself. They have testimonies all over their Web site their read their reviews on Google was almost a five star using it as 4.9. That’s pretty close to perfect if I do say so myself. They have like five locations. So I think they’re doing pretty good. And if you’re able to get one we’re hoping to get one. But if you need one Here’s the Tulsa number at 9 on 8 7 4 7 13 46. That’s it. You will see other locations along with Tahlequah Miami and pryor. You can get online and you can read more about our story. We offer invisible braces are testimonials like I said the location and we have the fact that we give back to our community and a couple of charities. And you can contact us by giving us your phone number here e-mail comments and questions you have on.
But whenever you’re trying to find Owasso orthodontist I want you to come to this place. We stand out. So don’t try and find Owasso orthodontist. Because whenever you’re trying to find all sorts of like this is going to stand out. This is what stands out and how amazing this is. The doctors want you to have a healthy straight smile. And that doesn’t always mean you need braces. They take time to evaluate your individual case and deliver the right treatment for the best results for you. So the next time you try and find in a Wasow orthodontics look this place up at KL ortho doctor. They’re dedicated to each individual patient. Doctors Tom and Doug Kirkpatrick along with Joseph. I love getting to know the people they help and building meaningful friendships that hopefully last longer than the treatment. They’re striving to me every patient’s needs the doctors and stomach Kirkpatrick and the Dulux offered a variety of orthodontic treatments including clear braces early treatment facial surgery or for Earles doll and orthodontic treatments and other orthodontic braces and appliances are family oriented. So it’s down to earth. It’s chill it’s caring. They employ an open office where parents are patients and their families are encouraged encouraged to ask questions and take an interactive role with the treatments. So why are you trying to find the Orthodox when you’ve already found one KL ortho dotcom. The court Patrick and they are orthodontics. They offer invisible races which is just like normal braces. Except you can’t hardly see them.
They’re the best thing they’re streamlined they’re popular and they don’t take any extra procedures so you’re going to go in there and you’re going to get them just like normal braces and not going to come back for other procedures or anything. No extensive care. Nothing normal braces that are invisible and they’re great. I wish I knew about them. They give back and in many ways through charities such as the give they for every new patient that starts treatment with them they will donate $10 to the royal family kids camp birthday party. They’re investing much bigger. They’re investing in something much bigger than themselves or investing in kids whose birthdays were forgotten and I can’t nearly imagine my birthday being forgotten. So they’re making Oklahoma a better place for you and me and everyone around. So contact Caillaud ortho dot com and contact them and donate some for seven. Thirteen forty six and that’s our total location. If you need to talk to us on the way get on cable with an icon and you’ll be able to see any other any other phone numbers.