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If you want to find Owasso orthodontist you want to come right is the best place to find Owasso orthodontists in the area is right we been doing this for an area for a number of years now it’s really been helpful for us to be up to see all the meetings offer the student and adults right here in the area now if you have braces you play want to bring your kids in about the age of eight is that the danger eight there really start going there their first teeth and if they haven’t started on the teeth and that’s even a sign that you may need to bring anything faster so pleased if your child is about eight years old he has anything to teach one to bring them and now if you do see that they are getting overcrowding at the age of eight you do, look at maybe getting braces or at least getting what we need to do in the area we can do a lot of other things besides braces first that can help try to loosen the teeth and get them organized with are not going that way if we cannot get that done by the age about 12 or 13 were to play} Find Owasso Orthodontists. put on that’s what these beautiful set of braces now you don’t have to have the metal braces all you can do the actual does one braces which is a great space saver more easier way to do it some people just do not like the plastic in her mouth and that’s fine you can go the old school if you’d like we the new school way is lot easier and faster we try to percent of you but if you don’t want to do it that’s fine we want to help find Owasso orthodontist right here because when you want to find Owasso orthodontist the best place to do it is right here we been used in the a for so long we’ve been working for over 50 years in the area since 1960 to gain a good understanding of orthodontic work and what we need to do to improve one so please if you do have a chance to get your child here today to get braces but on that they may need to come to it that you get a free consultation of her; it get free x-rays as if you look at all the things that offer the way we are so popular will be due is so great because we literally up and save Tulsa one smile at a time I just give you better smiles better health better feelings and confidence and that in turn is making us the better we also do a lot of things in the summertime I get back to the children’s program that way the kids can go to summer camp and the less fortunate ones are able to come to give something get something in return and learn something that they can really grow on and and gain pretzels from we love being able to get back to our community so please if you have not had a chance to check out Patrick and Lovenox. Find Owasso Orthodontists. You come right out and check us out today because we are the best place to get orthodontic work in the area kill is the website you need to go to check out all the service them online or call 918-747-1346 to check out the great service we have right here.¬†Find Owasso Orthodontists.

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Anytime you want to come and find out who Dr. July is and talk about the orthodontic awareness month you do that right here we would love to be a to have you in our office to be able to talk about the services you need in whether you need based or not if you have a child that may be looking at getting braces are made to looking at wanted to see when they need to come in and look at something like that by about the age of eight and should bring them in to check and see what their teeth look like it will be to do by about 13 but glad and put braces they need them but we are gonna talk about orthodontic awareness month today there’s a lot of candy here and around the will around October there’s a lot more to it because of the holidays and so you get all the candy now candies Jolly ranchers those are step that orthodontist is absolutely hate kids kids do not need as much candy they probably eat now Halloween is something that’s great but those super sticky things like caramel and the hard candy the suckers job breakers rings like that those are literally the candies that just are not good for you now braces can break by those job breakers and so that something you think about 2 inches being aware of the orthodontist care and October is the month that they really do dread that the most because it seems like there’s so much to broken such as braces and things. When something does break it’s going to require treatment. And it may take a couple months of treatment. So is it worth all the candy and breaking those in and doing all that. It is absolutely nuts. Find Owasso Orthodontists. We are going to try to do the best we can to keep these kids happy and keep them with candy but we also want them to know that you don’t know just the candy you need to you to cling to and we do that by just let them know is it worth it we try to do things by explaining to them is this what you want is what you want to do and is this something that means a lot to you so please take the time today to understand what we are doing today we are allowing kids to see the teeth changing we want them to see their teeth changing around the age of eight you want to protect the kids teeth as I said HA is the age you want to bring a man if you do need services or braces at that point you get a cut television see whatTeeth are doing how they’re growing if they’re going straight now that they are going straight and they do seem a little crowded there’s lady can fix that without even getting braces so please come in today you get a free consultation when you come and we are located in Tulsa on 5403 Harvard can also go 29187471346 on the phone and give us a call there to send appointment or go to the website kale or the duck, either way you do it you get great services right here today on one area and just see why we love Tulsa will be getting back.¬†Find Owasso Orthodontists.