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Invisalign Tulsa | Do You Want To Have A Straighter Smile In Less Time? Ask Us About Invisalign Today!

Here at our offices we are thrilled to be able to offer a dynamic state-of-the-art technology Invisalign Tulsa. We want to be able to offer great services at an affordable price and that is why we have 0% interest financing. We want to be able to work with your budget and credit customize payment plan. We also accept major insurances you just have to ask us and we will work with you. You may have seen us on channel 6 news or news channel 8. This is because we want to make sure the people of Northeast Oklahoma are able to check out our facilities and get excellent orthodontic care.

Our clients are ecstatic to be able to get a straight smile and 55% faster time by using Invisalign Tulsa. That is because we are always want to be able to provide topline technology and the latest great treatment for our clients. Let us get you a straight are more beautiful smile quicker today. Our clients simply no words to express how happy they are with their new smile. We also offer adult orthodontic care as well as facial surgery referrals and we even provide other orthodontic take braces and appliances.

Come experience the highest rated most reviewed orthodontist Northeast Oklahoma now has Invisalign Tulsa. We have been in business since the 1960s in Tulsa and now are able to serve five wonderful easy to get to offices in the Northeast region of the beautiful state of Oklahoma. We want to make sure you get anything results and that your families care of in truly great way. This is why our staff fixed rate an individual your smile the best. We want you to note that your beautiful smile and we want to help you to get yours back and get you your self-confidence.

We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and it is through our proven track record of over 50 years of business that we are able to provide we are not your average orthodontist we want to provide a better service that is why in 2019 we want their readers a list choice for orthodontist. Our offices of Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics want to make sure they are going next mile for their patients. Enough great things about our wonderful patients and how much we want to give them another reason to smile. It is our goal to make sure we are taking care of our patients.

Our staff is ready to serve you can’t wait to. We want an opportunity to create a beautiful smile and that wonderful Tulsa area. So whether you are using the latest technology we are ready to provide you with a free consultation. It all starts with developed the form on our website or give us a call at 918-747-1346. Our staff is ready to provide you with a down-to-earth and caring environment in which we employ an OpenOffice concept and we encourage families to taking intractable in our patients treatment plan. You can also see a wonderful video testimonials of what our clients are saying about our offices when you check out

Invisalign Tulsa | Do You Want To Have A Straighter Smile In Less Time? Ask Us About Invisalign Today!

Not only do we have 100% satisfaction guaranteed but we now offer Invisalign Tulsa. We are ecstatic to be able to go above and beyond for our patients in this way. With this alternative to braces our clients are able to have a straighter smile in 55% faster time. This is just another way that we want to go the extra mile for our clients and see them today needs as best as possible. It is our goal to be able to strive to meet every patients needs. We do this by sitting down with you to create a customized to in plan for your individual case. We want to evaluate your teeth for you.

Our clients are enjoying using the Invisalign Tulsa. They understand that self-confidence are such a beautiful smile. We are concerned with not only your teeth but the important part of your help help with his the help of your teeth as well. We want to take care of your pearly whites and that is providing services that meet every part of our patients care. Whether it is a clear braces, early treatment, adult orthodontic treatment. Our staff at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics is ready to serve you in a truly dynamic way. We are dedicated to each individual patient and we enjoy beautiful smiles to bring yours in today.

Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics now provides a beautiful alternative to braces and that is Invisalign Tulsa. With our offices you will experience a family oriented orientated caring staff that employs an OpenOffice concept where we encourage you to bring your family and get them involved in an intractable in your treatment plan. We are down-to-earth and our staff is ready to get you a beautiful smile today. Our staff wants to make sure that you have a healthy straight smile and when you can be proud of and show off.

We have been serving the Tulsa area since the 1960s and are now excited to be able to provide easy to get to offices. This is all across the Northeast region of Oklahoma. Because we understand busy daily schedules and so we want to make things more convenient for our patients. Not only are we go the extra mile for our clients the we also offer a often getting birthdays campaign as well as a giving smiles giveback. We are excited to be able to service the great Tulsa area and the surrounding areas Oklahoma and that is why we is for our clients.

We offer 0% interest financing that is because we want to make financing easy. It is our goal to be up to work with you and your budget we accept major insurances but we also want to create a customize payment plan for you. And that is why we offer 0% interest for our clients feel free to ask us about this when you schedule your free consultation over the phone or online. You can call 918-747-1346 or check out When you check the website we highly freights that you watch the video testimonials and see how happy our clients are with our services.