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Smile like a rock star

this content was written for Kirkpatrick and Lai

For the best invisalign tulsa has to offer, call Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. This is a family owned business and has been for more than 50 years. This is a company who truly cares about their patients and is extremely passionate about getting you the results you are looking for. Anything from a whiter smile to a straighter smile, they will take the time to explain to you the processes and make sure you are comfortable. This may sound like no big deal for your whitening, but if its something more complex, it is extremely important. If you think you may benefit from invisalign and you want the greatest invisalign tulsa experience, walking away with a gorgeous smile you’ve only dreamt of, I strongly urge you to call the office of Kirkpatrick and Lai. They will help get you set up for your free consultation and x rays. Yes, I did say free! The number to call is 918-747-1346.

Kirkpatrick and Lai opened their doors back in 1960 and has had great success since. They have been featured on many news outlets such as, FOX 23, Tulsa World, Tulsa Business and Legal News and more, for not only their great success, but also for their guaranteed results. This is amazing news for you because it means that if you needs some invisalign tulsa and you choose to use Kirkpatrick and Lai, you are guaranteed results. Guaranteed a greater smile. Take the first step today and call 918-747-1346. Let Kirkpatrick do more than just create your beautiful smile, let them create great memories.

From the moment you walk in you can immediately tell what Kirkpatrick and Lai are all about. They are friendly and greet every patient with a genuine smile. This is a company who really cares about their patients and strives to constantly and consistently go above and beyond for them. They also offer free consultations and x rays which is great for you. Once you try Kirkpatrick and Lai you will never want to go anywhere else. If you are ready to get scheduled for you consultation and x rays go online and submit a appointment request. Yes, it is that easy. In todays world there is already so much going on in everyones life and they know that which is why they try to make everything as convenient as possible. If you favor the phone more than your internet then just give them a call. They would be happy to assist you in getting set up.

While Kirkpatrick and Lai are passionate about their patients they also have a heart for the community. Every time a new patient starts treatment with them, Kirkpatrick and Lai donate 10 dollars to the Royal Family Kids birthday party. This is an organization who helps give children birthdays that are often forgotten. It is so refreshing to find a company who strongly believes in giving back and helping out their community. If these are the types of Orthodontists you want to use, and you want the very best when it comes to invisalign tulsa, call them today by dialing 918-747-1346.

The orthodontist who really care

This content was written for Kirkpatrick and Lai

If you are looking for Invisalign Tulsa treatments and want the very best, look no further. Kirkpatrick and Lai are experts in the area and many more. Not only do they have invisalign but they also have clear braces, regular braces and still offer so much more. And even more amazing is that can offer all these things to kids and adults. Its your one stop shop for all your orthodontic needs. If you want to learn more about Kirkpatrick and Lai, you can go online to their website and most of your answers can be answered. They also have a convenient way for you to submit a question and schedule an appointment. If you prefer the phone, that is absolutely fine. You can call them by dialing 918-747-1346.

When it comes to the best service for invisalign tulsa residents ask for, Kirkpatrick and Lai are second to none. This is the company who is going to go above and beyond for all their patients. It is a company who really cares and is constantly striving for the best. They know just how important your smile is which is one reason why they offer a free consultation and free x rays to all their new patients. You can find out more about that by calling 918-747-1346. This is your first step to a more beautiful smile. When you have a smile you are proud of, you are more confident. In todays world, confidence is key. If you want a greater smile why not use the people who are most passionate about? For all your invisalign tulsa needs and more call Kirkpatrick and Lai today at 918-747-1346.

If you care about your community, you’ll be pleased to know so does Kirkpatrick and Lai. For every new patient that starts treatment, they will donate $10 to the Royal Family kids birthday party, helping give children whose birthdays are often forgotten, a real celebration.This company is amazing. They always wear a true smile when greeting their patients and work hard at making you feel right at home. This is a family owned business who care about the little things. Try them just once and see what I am talking about. It will leave you with a breath of fresh air.

Kirkpatrick and Lai opened their doors in 1960 and it has been in the family ever since. They have also been featured on Fox 23 news, Tulsa Business and Legal News, The Tulsa Daily, and many others for their amazing success. If that is not enough go online and read from patients of all kinds who have had amazing results and love Kirkpatrick and Lai. If you have any questions or want to get more information call them today at 918-747-1346. Get on the quickest route to a more gorgeous smile. You will not be disappointed. After all, they do have guaranteed results so really you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.