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Orthodontist Jenks | The Best In The Area

Orthodontist Jenks doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But what does make sense is that Kirkpatrick and lia orthodontists and how qualified and certified they are to work on your mouth and teeth they’re even in the business for over 50 years and they’re highly highly certified. They are. They’ve all. Dr. Tom Gardner And Dr. Joe they’ve all received doctorates from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry as well as their Masters of Science in orthodontics.
Each one is a member of the American Association of orthodox as well as the Southwestern society of orthodox and the Tulsa County dental society Dr. Dog and Dr. ton have both President of the Tulsa County dental society and all three of them are past presidents of Oklahoma orthodontics.
These men have an amazing track record on are willing and want to help you. And we want to.
Do a great job with your teeth and want to work with you and become friends. They want to create relationships last longer than the actual treatment itself and they want to know you. They want to get to know you. They love talking to people and they know how. Busy you are. That’s why they have multiple locations and they have five of them and one is in Tulsa along with Telecom my Amy Mogi and Pryors. So you guys if you have a tough schedule and might not be able to make it out there there’s multiple occasions you can come to be able to call us and late for seven 1046 or you can get online and and leave your name your phone number your e-mail your comments or questions and we’ll get back to you and you can wait for us to contact. Their motto is work hard play hard and smile. Are they’re going to do everything they can to make your smile perfect. So quit looking for orthodontist’s instincts when you’ve already found the right orthodontist emerging. They are amazing. Go to them. Today