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Orthodontist in Jenks | The Pros

When you think of orthodontist in Jenks I want you to think about Kirkpatrick in my orthodontics that you’re probably the most certified and best orthodontics that Jinx has to offer. So quit looking for orthodontists and genes when you know you’ve already found one especially when I tell you everything that you’re about to hear especially whenever there are. Dr. Tom Archer Doug and Doctor Joe of all received doctorates and from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry as well as are masters of science in orthodontics. Each one is a member of the American Association of orthodontists the Southwestern society of orthodox and the Tulsa County dental society Dr. Tom and Doug have served as president of the Tulsa County dental society and all three doctors of hospitals and of the Oklahoma orthodontic society Gandang that was a mouthful and I mean that’s just a list of things that they have done and are still working on. And it’s just phenomenal that these people are willing to work on your teeth and that you aren’t taking advantage of that because of how phenomenal they are.
They’ve been seen on the Tulsa World Fox 23 Channel 8 News K.R. MJ The Journal Record the K The CW Channel 6 News and with our technology they’re able to straighten your teeth faster than any other orthodontists has to offer. They have a proven track record of over 50 years treating families in the northeast. Take my word or you can go online and see all the testimonials that people are writing how satisfied people are with how they are being treated and how amazing their company is and how they just want to take care of you and everything that they’re able to do. You know they’re not going to counseling you. I mean the doctors want you to have a healthy straight smile and it doesn’t always mean you need braces. They take time to evaluate your individual case and deliver the right treatment for the best results you can call them. And I know some for 713 46. They have multiple locations in Tulsa Tahlequah Miami Miami and prior. And if you need help getting a contact You can also talk to him on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. And if you’re on the Web site you’re able to contact us and I have to leave your name your phone number your e-mail and your comments and questions and we’ll get back to you. It’s easy and they don’t they give back to the chair and to get it. It’s an amazing business. And you should go visit them for your orthodontist in Jenks.