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Flaunt Your Dazzling Smile  Orthodontists in Owasso

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

If you find yourself in need for orthodontic care call the office of Dr. Kirkpatrick and Lai today. They are your premiere orthodontists in Owasso and Tulsa area. You can reach the caring team at 918-747-1346. Orthodontic care can happen at any age. Adults in particular appreciate the benefits of having a beautiful smile. That doesn’t mean that your child does deserve a beautiful smile as well.

Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics have been a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. It all started with Dr. Ruben Kirkpatrick in 1960. He was then followed into the orthodontic business by his two sons. Dr. Doug and Dr. Tom Kirkpatrick. They were then joined a few years later by Dr. Joe Lai. Since 1999 the three orthodontists in Owasso have worked together to provide people in the Tulsa and Owasso area with beautiful smiles. It is their true passion to help give you the best smile possible. What are you waiting for? Call the team at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics today.

Invisible braces is an increasingly popular choice amongst adults now. If you are looking for a more streamlined look then  check out invisible braces today. Radiance braces off at the same quick results and precision as traditional braces. However, they are far less bulky and much more sleek. They have all the benefits of traditional braces without having a mouthful of metal.  Although invisible line trays may seem appealing, radiance braces are a clear decision. You’ll save money by not having to replace constantly lost trays. Plus radiance braces are also far more accurate and invisible liners. Choose radiance braces from Kirkpatrick and Lai, your orthodontists in Owasso.

When you choose to go to Dr. Kirkpatrick and Lai you can also feel good about yourself for having helped children in the state of Oklahoma. Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics is partnered up with the royal family kids camp birthday party. For every new patient receives treatment from Kirkpatrick and late they will donate $10 towards the cost. This money goes toward writing birthdays for children who would otherwise not get to celebrate her birthday. Many of these kids to fall victim to abuse, neglect, or found themselves in the Oklahoma foster care system. Just last year the team at Kirkpatrick and Lai raised $7500 with their Party in the Park event. You too can help to provide a life-changing experience for these children. Visit Kirkpatrick and my orthodontics today. Call 918-747-1346 to schedule your free consultation today.

Have a smile that makes you feel good inside and out. Stop hiding your teeth behind closed lids. Show off that beautiful smile. Smile such a first impression. So what are you waiting for? Have a beautiful smile. Regain your confidence. Call Kirkpatrick and lay orthodontics today to work with a team of caring and compassionate professionals. They have the skills to get you the best smile possible. Schedule your free consultation and x-ray at 918-747-1346.

You Too Deserve A Beautiful Grin

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

You shouldn’t have to dread getting your teeth worked on. Come to Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics for the best orthodontists in Owasso and anywhere in Oklahoma. If you’re a first-time visitor you can qualify for free consultation and x-rays. So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to have to have crooked teeth any longer. Call the team today. You can reach them at 918-747-1346.

The staff at Kirkpatrick and lai orthodontics in Tulsa Oklahoma is nothing short of the best. The doctors are professional, courteous, happy and willing to answer any of your questions. They are the bests orthodontists in Owasso and anywhere else that you can find. You can tell that they take their job seriously but they will have fun at the same time. Their staff consist of a group of knowledgeable and dedicated people whose greatest goal is to make your orthodontic treatment comfortable and convenient. Overall they want you to have an enjoyable experience. You shouldn’t be a afraid of the orthodontist or the dentist. Work with the best. Go to Kirkpatrick and like today.

If you are an adult in need of orthodontic help Kirkpatrick and lie offer clear or invisible braces. These braces provide a more streamlined look. Invisible braces are becoming more more popular choice amongst adults needed braces. They have the same predictable outcome as traditional braces without all the bookies deal brackets. That’s all there faster and more precise tooth alignment procedure than the leading invisible lighter. Don’t waste money having to replace lost alignment trace. Visit Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics to get invisible braces today. Say no more to the 80’s and 90’s metal mouth of your childhood.

Best of all when you visit Kirkpatrick and Lai, you are helping children in need in the state of Oklahoma. For every new patient starts treatment with Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics, they would donate $10 to the royal family kids camp birthday party. The Royal kids camp works hard to provide birthday parties for children in the state of Oklahoma has birthdays or otherwise forgotten. With the party in the park Kirkpatrick in 19 Raders $7500 for the royal family kids camp. This was a remarkable accomplishment for a first-year event. The royal family kids can provide a life-changing experience for kids to the dickens of abuse, neglect or currently found themselves in the foster care system. When it comes time to make a choice for your orthodontic care cheese Kirkpatrick in life and know that your choice is benefiting others as well.

What more could you want out of an orthodontist? Like I said before, they are simply the best orthodontists in Owasso and anywhere else for that matter. They have a team of caring and skilled doctors on their side. Their staff is full of diligent hard-working individuals who want to give you the best smile possible. Don’t hide your teeth behind” any longer. Call the team at Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics today set up an appointment. To get your free x-raying and a free consultation call 918-747-1346 now.