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Owasso orthodontist when I think of the I think of Kirkpatrick and Lia orthodontist’s 3 they have how qualified they are and how amazing of service that they have to offer especially when they’re giving smiles and there’s a zero percent money down fast results satisfaction guaranteed. So when I think a wasp or doneness I think of how qualified these people are and how much they do for their community and how they give back and how many locations they have which means that they’re growing which means they’re doing great. They know what they’re doing they’re not going to mess up they’re going to do a great job on you and your family and whatever Kirkpatrick’s orthodontics have been a family practice since the 1960s. Which means the people have been going for over 50 years which means I mean they’re old. They know what they’re doing. Give them a chance. Dr. re-encrypt project started this practice and then in 1986 Dr. Tom Kirkpatrick joins his father in this practice followed by his brother Dr. Doug Kirkpatrick in 1993 and then six years later Dr. Joe Lia joined in the Kirkpatrick brothers and practice. Another family goes each and every day with their patients. They know. That they’re there to create more than just be the smiles that they want to create memories with their patients that are there to bring a smile out. And you they want to be able to talk to you they want to build a relationship with you and everything does. Dr. Tom Dr. Doug and Dr. Joe they’ve oversee the doctors from the University of Oklahoma college up dentistry as well as are masters of science and are unorthodox.
Each one is a member of the American Association of orthodontists the Southern Southwestern society of orthodontists in the Tulsa County dental society Dr. Tom and Dr. Doug have both served as president of Tulsa County dental Suttee and all three doctors are past presidents of the Oklahoma orthodontics society. Now when I think of it. That’s what I want to hear. That’s what I want. I want to hear all the qualifications that they have everything they have to offer me and my family. So the next time I’m looking for an orthodontist that’s what’s going to stand out to me is everything that I just listed off in everything that they do. They offer invisible braces which is something I wish I had the opportunity to take. I’ve had metal braces in my mouth for almost three years now and they’re a hassle that are annoying. I wish I had every time I smile and you see metal and it’s obvious and with braces it’s nice it’s going to be great. And then conveniently they use the same adhesive and bonding procedures as metal brackets so you’re not needing to get extra procedures or extra scheduling appointments because it’s the same thing it’s just invisible and it’s faster. And they they move they’re perfect they’re. More streamlined they’re popular and they’re better than traditional braces they’re faster and they have a more precise tooth alignment and they’re then the leading invisible line with predictable results. They’re low maintenance and you don’t need to replace them if you somehow lose them which is impossible. And they’re made from a model Crystal and sapphire which makes it the clearest bracket on the market.
These Owasso Orthodontist create a radiant smile that you deserve and you or your family either one whichever one is coming. And we have multiple locations also in Tulsa Tahlequah Miami, Okmulgee and Pryor. So if you’re looking for in all sorts of word definitely available and here for you. So the next time you look for an ¬†Owasso orthodontist please consider your options. You can contact us or you have to do is leave your name your phone number your e-mail and comments and questions have them we’re on Google Maps and we’re very easy to find. We almost have a perfect record where 4.9 which is very impressive. And we go back to our community in many ways. We want to be able to make you our best friends. We want to talk to you and get to know you. We will get to know you and if you need to get us need contact us you can contact some Facebook Google Instagram or Twitter. Thank you