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Protection from Root Canal Damage

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

There are plenty of dentists who provide root canals in Tulsa. However, just because somebody can do a root canal doesn’t mean that that is who you want to do your root canal. Now, first and foremost you want to keep yourself out of a situation where you need a root canal procedure in the first place. And this can be accomplished by brushing your teeth at least twice a day first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed. Flossing your teeth at least once a day twice is better. Getting regular dental checkups and cleanings about every six months or so. And last but not least wearing protective mouth wear and gear when your teeth are at a risk of being damaged. If you do all of these things, then you are much less likely ever to need a root canal procedure done.

With that said if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a root canal either because you have an infected tooth, a chipped tooth, or a loose tooth then you want to work with the absolute best dentist you can to ensure that your situation is handled as effectively and as efficiently and is pain free as possible. One of those dentists who does root canals in Tulsa at an extremely high level is a doctor at South Tulsa Dental by the name of Dr. Chris Tricinella.   Dr. Chris is extremely adept and skilled at performing root canals in Tulsa. He spends just about every waking moment practicing his craft and getting better at his dental surgery procedures.

This is the type of person that you want working on you when you have tooth pain or mouth pain. You want somebody who knows exactly what he’s doing and can handle any situation that arises once the surgery starts. Tooth pain can be extremely painful and the procedures that fix it can also be painful if not performed by a very skilled dentist. Dr. Chris spends his spare time as the official dentist for the Tulsa Roughnecks and volunteering his services for the nonprofit organization the eastern Oklahoma donated dental services. He does this because he believes that everybody should have access to the top of the line dental care and he sees it as a way for him to continue to improve his dental skills.

He believes it’s important to continually strive to improve his skills so that he can provide a better more efficient service to his clients. He is always striving to be the very best he can possibly be for his clients. Out of all the dentists who do root canals in Tulsa Dr. Chris is by far one of the best because of the attention that he gives to his clients and because of the attentiveness that he gives to continually working on his craft and seeing as many patients as he possibly can both in his own practice, with the Tulsa Roughnecks, and with the nonprofit organization Eastern Oklahoma donated dental services.

When Root Canals Go Awry

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

Root canals in Tulsa can be done by just about any dentist or endodontist. However, you don’t want to get your root canal done by just any dentist or endodontist. You want to find the best dentist or endodontist in the area of root canal treatments. I can guarantee you if you are in need of a root canal then you are most likely also in a significant amount of pain. In order to get out of this pain as painlessly as possible, you want an expert in the area of root canals, and that’s where Dr. Chris Tricinella at South Tulsa Dental comes into the picture. Dr. Chris has been performing dental surgery since his graduation in 2007. He has been on a tear to provide as many people dental services as he possibly can.

He has his own dental practice. He donates his time to the eastern Oklahoma donated dental services nonprofit organization. He volunteers his time to love thy neighbor and dentistry from the heart. And he is the official team dentist for the Tulsa Roughnecks. So as you can see Dr. Chris pretty much does nothing but dental work and honing his craft. He wants to ensure that as many people as possible get the dental work that they need and that he becomes the best possible dental surgeon he can. There are few dentists if any who work as hard as Dr. Chris at South Tulsa dental.

As you can see Dr. Chris is extremely passionate about dentistry and getting people the care that they need. That’s why when it comes to root canals in Tulsa Dr. Chris is at the top of the pile when it comes to the experts and specialists that you want to see when you need a root canal procedure completed. He will get your tooth to stop hurting and fixed as fast as anybody else in Tulsa. Most of the time probably faster than most other dentists and endodontists in Tulsa. Simply because he has spent so much time cultivating his skill and knowledge of dental surgery and root canals.

If you are a little confused on what an actual root canal procedure is let me explain it to you now. A root canal procedure in its simplest terms looks a little something like this. First anesthesia is administered to the area to ensure as little pain during the procedure as possible. Next, a small opening is put through the top of the tooth down to the root of the tooth so that the pulp of the tooth can be accessed. Through this opening, any infected pulp or any infection can be removed to make sure that the tooth is clean and healthy again. Once all infection and infected pulp has been removed a permanent filling material is pumped into the tooth to protect the tooth from any further infection or contaminations. A temporary top is put on the tooth to seal it until a permanent crown can be put in place for the long haul. As you can see this is a somewhat complicated procedure and any number of things can come up along the way. Including a tooth that doesn’t have good integrity and starts to chip apart as the small opening is formed.

You need to have a dental surgeon who knows what to do when root canals in Tulsa go terribly wrong. To learn more go to use