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We have a higher standard here for orthodontic care. Whether it’s coming into our office and seeing the smile on Dr. Joe and Dr. Doug’s face or its the smile and your kids face the you see every time it look in the mirror and radiate with confidence from how good they feel about the smile. You have got to bring your family here we know that were going to be able to give you a great experience. We have innovative ways of keeping everything in touch with using Internet and everything else to really make this care special.

Our doctors of always loved being able to help people and see them smile and really create that great business and the community that people all know and love. When there’s that one grocery store that you love going to because of the old lady that works in there or the old coffee shop that is owned by an older man in the community that everyone loves going to and seeing. We want to be that type of business. We have the best Sapulpa orthodontists around.

Were not only going to offer you the ability to get affordable pricing on your orthodontic work but were also going to be able to offer you the effective 0% financing. Will finance you with 0% interest in you want even have to worry about a thing. Never hesitate or waste time going to other offices because there to simply not going to give you the kind of innovative care that we do. When you’re in our door you’re important and we do a good job at making people feel that way.

We want to make sure that we answer any questions and here we are proud to have you as a client we want you to know that we value your loyalty to us and we want you to value the care that we get and so we go above and beyond. If you do have any concerns whether it’s about insurance or even scheduling conflicts you can always let us know were very flexible and more than happy to work with you we know the you’re a busy person and that life can kick you in the pants sometimes so let us take a load off by offering you a great experience that you can remember for years to come. You’ll never find better Sapulpa orthodontists than right here.

We want to be able to create that culture of better care. Sapulpa orthodontists simply don’t hold a candle to the kind of knowledge that we have with over 50 years of experience are really is no one under the is going to be able to care of you the way that we will. We are great at what we do we want you to know day in and day out that we think about how to elevate your experience right here at 918-747-1346 or the best place to get Sapulpa orthodontists that you can actually afford

How Can Our Sapulpa Orthodontists Help You?


We love offering dental care to the Oklahoma area in the Northeast and want to continue to do so for years to come. We’ve already been at it for 50+ years in the dental industry and want to go for another 50 more. Let us show you why the best place to find Sapulpa orthodontists is right here. When you want the best of the best this is the best place to come. We not only are going to be able to offer you really great orthodontic work but were going to be able to open a lot of communication with you so that you know when you have any questions about the kind of care that you’re getting you’re going to be able to ask them.

Our lab technicians are really great we have an amazing lab team the been with us for literally over 30 years and with the combined experience that we have were able to do things like acrylic retainers and happy reminders. Just little things that can help promote good health with in your life and keep your kids from having tooth issues in the future. Our appliances and retainers are all done in-house you don’t have to worry about anything shipped often waiting for them to get back we can do it all right here get it and quickly.

My only are we going to be able to get your teeth straighter faster going to be able to do it about 55% faster than what any of the competition will be able to do is if you are taking your child somewhere else are going to have to little bit longer because they’re not going to get things as quickly as we are. We are certified we have tons of experience whether it’s the comfortability of our office are the convenience of our scheduling or even enjoyable experience working with our staff that super freindly

You’re going to love the whole thing and you want to come back time and time again is no better place to find really great Sapulpa orthodontists than right here. No one else does the kind of care that we do and goes the extra mile like us. We stand up as being one of the best in the industry because we focus on making sure that our customer services above and beyond what you get anywhere else. Don’t hesitate any longer because the more you wait the worse your teeth can get and we want to make sure we get the problem fixed us and as possible.

Getting a scheduled appointment with us is really easy. If you want to schedule an appointment all you need to do is go to the website get online and fill out the contact us will get back with you what’s up is good to quickly and easily. Related to the front desk are going to be able to schedule things to work around whatever schedule you have call us today for the best Sapulpa orthodontists in the area that 918-747-1346 or