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Tulsa Braces has been a high quality family practice in the Oklahoma area since 1960 when Dr. Ruben Kirkpatrick started Practice. We work with doctors who specialize in the treatment of orthodontic service. We offer the highest skilled trained professional service to our family based practice. Throughout the years, we have grown as a family with each of our patients creating more than just beautiful smiles, we create memories. We offer dental orthodontic service to our Tulsa community in the Tulsa area on 3305 E. 45th St., Tulsa, OK. at the Highest quality of service from Monday to Friday 9am – to 5pm At your convenience.

We offer one of the most enjoyable experiences here atTulsa Braces and create a welcoming atmosphere for every customer walks and leaving them happy and satisfied with their appointment. One of the reasons our experience with our services is so positive because of our friendly, fun staff members. We have our front step members here to help you with any questions or concerns we have about any of your insurance, scheduling appointments, and emergency care. Our entire team is a tight knit community of friends with many staff members but I’ve been working with us for over 10 years. I can’t even the moment you walk into the moment you leave will be greeted with warm comfort and help officially given all the information you may need.

Our staff is very talented and still eligible but all of your needs, including our front office stuff. The surface of us they are highly trained professionals as well. Tulsa Braces front end staff Will answer any of your questions from your retainer scheduling two, your braces, removal appointments. We went off for you and your children the easiest way to make and set appointments within your timeframe and work out perfectly for you and your schedule as well as your children’s school schedule. I finally stopped making the most enjoyable experience when you book an appointment and it is easy to change, adjust, or cancel any appointments for any reason you may have. We are here to help you at your convenience.

We are a family oriented business that has been in the industry since 1960 with different quality service and an enjoyable experience for all of our clients. If they remember and actually enjoy making their next appointment with us, we look forward to coming back. Every patient is greeted with warmth and friendliness in our office and always leaves with a smile on their face in a bag of everything that we need for the next follow up appointment. We specialize in heart, offering the high school even care about my writing all of your orders on my needs, and your retainer, to your wax, to your brochures for your next appointment, to understand everything from start to finish and become prepared, successfully, helped and confident, and turning for your next appointment.

let us give you one of the most enjoyable, organic appointments experiences you’ve ever had bye giving us a call at (918) 747-1346 Are visiting our website at

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Tulsa Braces | We Have More Than Eight Offices. We Are A Family.

Tulsa Braces It’s gonna be the highest quality, most trusted service. It has been in the orthodontic industry area successfully for over 20 years. We offer hi Scotty of service by the highest train doctors and give you the most efficient, innovative and comfortable experience in scheduling your appointment with us every single time. For a first time visit we offer a free consultation and x-ray to ensure that you are doing audibly and we are ready to help you with everything you need. We are a family practice and have been since 1960 we put ourselves in making every patient feel like a part of our family more than just a customer who want to go to welcoming and warm up the service when we walk in with our funny front office, greeting stuff to our well trained professionals and make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our office specializes in creating the goal of giving our clients a beautiful smile. Also making the office a positive atmosphere that they will enjoy being in. At Tulsa Braces We are here to take care of you and your children’s orthodontic needs and make your appointments as easy as possible. We understand that it can be a pain by getting your braces on for them to get them taken off so we will give you one less thing to worry about. We will make it all an easy and joyful and swift experience that you remember and begin to enjoy going to. We make it easier for you to schedule appointments, adjust appointments, and get information about emergency care all over the phone from the front end staff so all of your questions will be taken care of.

Our in our doctors who are there 24 seven to answer all of your needs. We offer one of the most enjoyable, uncomfortable dental experiences that you can find in the industry. Our customers have become more than just our patients, they have become a part of our family. We created an atmosphere that is unified, close and very warm and welcoming. Tulsa Braces serves the Oklahoma area Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Many new patients have begin attending and choosing our services because of the memories we have created with them offering them a lounging experience in the waiting room with plenty of arcade, games, complimentary drinks and coffee, as well as a comfortable atmosphere and environment where you can wait patiently for your children’s appointments to be completed or reading a magazine, sipping on a hot coffee and letting your little ones play on an arcade games.

We are here to give you the most memorable, enjoyable experience I’ve ever had we’re going to the office. We know that your children will have made their memories here, and you will enjoy waiting for them here as I make it as comfortable for you as possible as well. Give us a call today to schedule your house of reappointment receive a free consultation and x-ray at (918) 747-1346 Or visit us on our website at