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Tulsa Braces has been a high quality family practice in the Oklahoma area since 1960 when Dr. Ruben Kirkpatrick started Practice. We work with doctors who specialize in the treatment of orthodontic service. We offer the highest skilled trained professional service to our family based practice. Throughout the years, we have grown as a family with each of our patients creating more than just beautiful smiles, we create memories. We offer dental orthodontic service to our Tulsa community in the Tulsa area on 3305 E. 45th St., Tulsa, OK. at the Highest quality of service from Monday to Friday 9am – to 5pm At your convenience

Here at Tulsa Braces we offer the highest court experience by the most highly trained professionals. Our members have been in practice since 1960, 1986, and 1993. Dr. Ruben Kirpatrick left the practice in 1986, Dr. Tonker Patrick joined his father in practice, followed by Dr. Doug Patrick in 1993. Six years later, Dr. Louis, Joe L a I joined the group project brothers and practice and our family has grown each and every day gathering new patients and success of creating more beautiful smiles, and more beautiful memories. We send the Tulsa area in Oklahoma on Monday through Friday by offering some of the highest Quality service by some of the most highly trained professionals in the industry. All of our team members are highly involved and have past presidents of the Oklahoma orthodontics side.

One thing we bought ourselves here at Tulsa Braces Is the innovative and comfortable space we have. Our patients are doctors who have been highly trained, received multiple degrees and certification to yours in the best carry possible at your orthodontic appointment. Our teams are constantly being involved in the latest education and up-to-date in the most recent scientific discoveries, and technology to ensure that we are giving you the most innovative experience with the highest quality procedures and equipment.

One of the most innovative things we give our patients the luxury of enjoying is the Invisalign. Invisalign offers an experience that is a modern alternative traditional braces that are ideal for patients you’re absolutely 100. You need to brush your teeth as normal, and will make your overall hygiene easier. What are the benefits of Invisalign over? Braces are the fact that they are essentially invisible. We offer custom made, and there’s lines for comfort and specific details that will enhance the process of wearing them for you or your child. Another great benefit of using the innovative technology Invisalign is it there’s no food restrictions. You don’t have to worry about eating popcorn to break up your brackets, but we will have you eating all your favorite foods while straightening your teeth and creating a beautiful smile that is comfortable and easy.

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Tulsa Braces | Giving Smiles While Giving Back.

Tulsa Braces Is one of the highest quality service providers in the orthodontic area since 1960. The Kirpatrick doctors are all brothers’ experience and grading patients feels like family. We successfully serve and provide our Tulsa area with orthodontic services Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM at your convenience with a friendly office staff that is always police off to help her questions, just another appointment, and book your child’s orthodontic appointment when there is things about our office is that it is the most enjoyable environment to experience an appointment in, and the most comfortable experience to get your braces in. We offer the most innovative, technology, call Dave servers by the highest trained, educated, certified professionals to take care of you and your child orthodontic needs.

One thing that makes it stand out from all the rest of the orthodontic offices in our area is our generosity. Tulsa Braces Give Smile’s, while also getting birthdays. Forever new patients start streaming with us. We will donate $10 for the Royal family kids camp birthday party to invest in something much bigger than ourselves. All the money donated from Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontics are provided to help children celebrate their birthdays, which I’ve forgotten. Together let’s make Oklahoma a better place and make our kids feel special, welcome and cared for.

We have helped thousands of children enjoy a birthday that they would not have experienced. At Tulsa Braces we have hundreds of testimonies of children having a fun time getting to have a birthday party, swimming, biking, and camping to give them an experience they will love and remember for years to come. And for every New patient we receive we donate $10 to this charity fund, making the reply, more special and more impactful than you would ever imagine.

The charity that we work with has many camp directors have a great experience for children that are unforgettable moments. The party in the park team has raised $7500 for the royal family kids camp remarkable accomplishment porcupine chicken light teams first year event. The activities and food organization are all provided and give the children a great environment to celebrate their birthdays and feel special and cared for. We are truly blessed and excited about parting with this organization, and have become very active members in our generosity with them. With every appointment you were being a part of a bigger impact, the world experiences for kids who have been victims of neglect, interviews, and abundance of the foster care system. We are here to help impact that area by donating as much as we can with your help to these children, but also working with sponsors such as Bank of America, Target, Home Depot, and Trader Joe’s.

Experience, but also make me back with all of your business as well. Today, we’re going to give you more than just a appointment we will give you a memory, and inability to make an impact with your appointment give us a call to schedule your free consultation and receive a free x-ray(918) 747-1346 or visitors on our website at