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Kirkpatrick and Lai offer tulsa braces and invisalign. For every new patient who starts treatment with us we will donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp birthday party. Our first time customers get a free consultation and x-ray for their first visit. We are the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in oklahoma. We have my features on Tulsa people, news on 6, the cw, The Journal record, News channel 8, Fox 23 news, and Tulsa world. We have state of the art technology that allows us to straighten your teeth 55% faster than the average. We offer zero interest Finance making all your payments affordable, and we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have a proven track record for 50 plus years treating families in oklahoma.

What makes Kirkpatrick and Lai tulsa braces and orthodontists Different from other orthodontists? We stand out because our doctors want you to have a healthy smile. that doesn’t always require the need of braces. We go above and beyond to take time with you to evaluate your individual case and be able to deliver the perfect treatment for the best results that are catered to you. We are dedicated to each and every single patient. We love building relationships and getting to know the people that we work with. We build meaningful friendships that are lost long after our treatments are complete. We strive to meet every patient’s needs.

What makes Kirkpatrick and Lai tulsa braces and orthodontist different? We go back and Beyond striving to meet every single patient’s needs. We have doctors and staff that offer a variety of orthodontic treatments. we will do everything that we have to do to make sure that you get the happy healthy smile that you deserve. We offer clear braces, early treatment, facial surgery referrals, adult orthodontic treatment, and other orthodontic braces and appliances as well as a business line. This is a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. We are also a family oriented, down to earth and caring office that goes above and beyond for each and every single client. We have what we call an open Office concept where we have patience and Families are encouraged to ask the questions that are needed and take an interactive role into their treatment.

We know that you have a busy schedule so we have plenty of easy to get to offices. We have four locations: one in Tulsa, one in Miami, one in Okmulgee, and one in tahlequah. We like to give back to the community. We do our giving smiles, giving birthday campaigns. Whenever you start a treatment with us we donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp birthday party. We understand how teeth are an important part of your health, your parents and self-confidence. we want you to have a healthy happy smile that gives you the look with the confidence that you deserve.

for more information about us, our history, and our services please visit us online at For all of our first time visitors we offer a free X-ray and a free consultation. give us a call today at 918-747-1346 so we can get that scheduled for you.

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We are Kirkpatrick and Lai tulsa braces and orthodontist. We have four easy to get to office locations. We have locations in Tulsa, Miami, Okmulgee and Tahlequah. Nothing excites us more than a beautiful smile. you get to experience how worthodonics can benefit you and your smile. We offer a complimentary orthodontic consultation with the free x-ray for your first time with us. We are here to help you achieve the healthy smile that you want with the confidence that you deserve. For every treatment that is started with us we donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp birthday party. We are 55% more efficient, we offer 0% interest financing, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kirkpatrick and Lai orthodontist and tulsa braces What was founded in 1960. They have been able to grow exponentially with five different locations. At all of our locations we offer free consultations. These professionals are the reasons where you will have a great experience and get a great smile all at the same time. we have a new brainer offer of a free X-ray and free consultation for your first time with us. It’s important to us that you get the treatment that you deserve. we want you to be able to be confident with your happy and healthy smile. We offer invisalign, invisible braces, regular braces and more. You can just see how amazing those treatments are. We do adult orthodontic work and Early Child orthodontic treatments. By visiting them you get to experience the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontic practice in oklahoma.

You don’t want to put off getting your tulsa braces at Kirkpatrick and Lai. The orthodontist and dentist can be scary but it is crucial for your hygiene to be in all around health to visit the dentist and orthodontist regularly. if you do end up putting it off you will experience unnecessarily expensive treatments and you don’t want to deal with that. If you’re interested in starting how you can fix your teeth then give us a call today and one of our mini locations we can sit you down and figure out exactly what you need. We do all of this in a setting at the office during a free consultation. Your free consultation and free x-ray is what gets us on the right track to figure out exactly what you’re needing and wanting out of Kirkpatrick.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of working with the hydrated and most reviewed orthodontist in oklahoma. This orthodontist goes above and beyond for every single one of those patients that walk through the door. they want you to have the healthiest and happiest smile that you can possibly have.

you can visit our website today This is a great way to check out all of our services, read client testimonials, and find out more about us. call us today at 918-747-1346 so we can get you set up on your free consultation and x-ray for your first time visit.