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Some of the most weekly asked questions that we get whenever were doing braces for people are will braces were the this one change the shape of my face or will it simply to straighten the teeth. And in many ways it can change the shape your face because it doesn’t line your jaw in your teeth. Tulsa braces are easier had here.

This is especially true whenever we see claims to come in the have issues with their skeletal structure and things like overbite can or under bite can be severely impacted in a good way that the you know the many times get the shape of the face looking a little different get things more in line to your really baffled by just how different you may look from having these procedures done which is great for people who are wanting to get rid of that overbite are the weird contortion they have on their face from we are job. When you want Tulsa braces please give us a chance to show you what were the best option.

Not only are we offering Tulsa braces but we have invisalign. The invisalign is a new thing that’s been going around that’s really great because it allows you to get straight teeth just like what braces do without having the actual wires on your teeth. Your able to actually just have a clear retainer that works the same way and get you great results. If you need to know more about what were able to offer just ask us.

We love answering questions and making sure that you have all the information that you need going forward before you work with us. People a lot of times will also ask us if we take insurance and we certainly do. The girls up front can help you work out any kind of insurance issues that you may have many times it’s us about having done it for so long we see what insurance problems arise and we can be proactive about avoiding them but sometimes things still happen is you to going on and will figure out what we need to do to fix it. No big deal at all no sense in stressing we make sure we keep you in a stress-free environment.

Our offices are very clean. Some of the frequently asked questions also to be get our what’s that smell is most amazing in here. People love the smells of the officer love the fact that everything is clean that we are fastidious about details and that we make sure that clients are not going to leave without smiling. People love working here more than they love going anywhere else because they love the fact that we have created this great environment for growth and care. If you want the best Tulsa braces for the best price get a hold of us right now it 918-747-1346 going to

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We care about our clients and we want nothing more than to help them have everything they need and more if you need to know what we can do to help you just ask us. We love being able to offer you great deals and just simply our time. Our founders are Dr. Joe and Dr. Doug. They have been working in this industry for a long time and figured out ways that we can help people to have a smile on their face right from when they walk in the door. How many dentist offices do you know that people come in smiling and leave smiling even brighter.

There happy from the time they walk into when they leave. Our services are great and they love working with our fun energetic staff. Our staff really helps create a great culture within our business and people love coming here because of it. We are always ready to deliver a great result for you.

Our offices are really clean as well only have a great smell inside of them so come in they feel comfortable because it’s a very comfortable environment everything is clean everything is put up and there’s a place for everything there’s a great decorative look to it we have a little bit of soft overhead music we have good smells it’s just a great place to come in to get a procedure done. It takes away the stress of getting the procedure done and you’re not worried about whether or not nursing to be a bug crawling on you.

So many of the other dentist office that we go into whenever Keyser needing Tulsa braces are going to be a lot dirtier and they just simply have a lot of incompetent people working in them and we have everyone educated in our office all of our staff is going to be certified and very smart when it comes to dental and orthodontic procedures and so there able to explain everything to you and make you feel at home right from the beginning.

Our founders have been doing this for a long time because their father was in the practice of orthodontics and so it just worked out. Now since then 30 years later we’ve been working diligently on growing this business and getting to where we have became a pillar of customer service and livelihood within our community. People love the fact that we offer great services and want to come back time and time again because every time they do they simply see where the best option out there for everyone when it comes to getting your teeth taken care of don’t waste time don’t hesitate come here first and let us show you again and again why people love coming here before going anywhere else. You can give us a call if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you get your Tulsa braces for affordable price right here at 918-747-1346 going online