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Tulsa invisalign | How long does invisalign take?

Tulsa invisalign | How long does it take?

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

You may be wondering how long your specific orthodontic treatment will take over the expanse of your services. This is a great question and there is no direct answer for this. Every small patient LECs completely different and whether you received the braces or Tulsa invisalign the answer may be completely different. Depending on age and the severity of the case this can take anywhere from three months to an endless amount of years actually. To ask the questions that you have concerning your case you can simply call our Tulsa office at 918.747.1346.

The calling his phone number you can ask any questions or to the many comments you have concerning your services and the amount of time it would take for your treatment plan to be completed. It may be difficult to tell with the initial visit but throughout time we can give you reassessments on how the Temple take. It can be certain that it is 100% worth every moment you spend in braces or Tulsa invisalign. Just trust in the process that your orthodontist is setting up for you and everything will turn out great in the end.

Other things that you need to be concerned about when it comes to braces or Tulsa invisalign is the pain tolerance. Depending on your pain tolerance this can hurt for different people and also depending on the severity of the case. But for most people it receiving movement in your teeth is extremely painful for the first couple days. This can simply be treated with certain household painkillers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. By taking these at a recommended rate by your orthodontist this can help relieve pain when you first receive treatment from them.

Over time these pain levels will decrease and become nonexistent. Once your teeth get used to the movement and the initial movements have been made within this will be a lot easier to handle and you won’t have to worry about extreme pain levels and the auger. You can just get used to wearing braces and occasionally wear wax on certain brackets to prevent wear and tear of your gums and cheeks but you will definitely be able to adjust fairly quickly. There is also no problem for you to worry about playing sports or playing instruments of having braces because you can also adjust to these fairly quickly. Although we do caution you to be wearing of mouthguard all times playing sports.

There are so many other things that you might have concerns about you can simply have a consultation with one of our orthodontist in this office by setting up an appointment whenever you are ready. Although you have a busy schedule we believe that our front office staff has the ability to find appointment and that will work fantastically for you. You can contact our front office staff during office hours by dialing the phone number 918.747.1346. You can also submit some information about yourself and questions and concerns through our website and provide us with some contact information there we can get back to and a quick manner. The website they need to go to for this is

Tulsa invisalign | can adults get braces?

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

A small portion of our patients here at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics are in fact adults. There is a large majority of people who receive braces when they are adults and it can also be successful at most ages. There are some cases when they should be started young such as age 7 but for most cases there is not an exact time cutoff. To learn more about the services that we can offer you including metal braces and Tulsa invisalign you can call our office to find out more through the phone number 918.747.1346.

A large majority of the patients that we see in this office are teenagers in high school and just graduated but for you to receive services you do not to be this age. We see a wide age of patients that are always welcoming new people into our office so that you can also receive the orthodontic services that you are looking for. Here at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics provide you with a variety of services at all ages including traditional braces with brackets and rubber bands, headgear, and Tulsa invisalign.

Statistics show that nearly one in every four orthodontic patients are adults. This means that 20 to 25% of patients today are above the age of 18. This is a great number and we are so happy that people of all ages are participating in their oral health and striving for happier and healthier smiles. Another way to our we are willing to see you as a patient through consultation to see what kind of services could be of benefit to you. Some the services that might benefit you especially if you are older can be our Tulsa invisalign services. This is the type of tree that Ms. your teeth in a certain way that is not extremely noticeable. The trees that you insert are nearly invisible so you can move your teeth into correct alignment without having to have a mouthful of battle.

The average time of these Services is different depending on every single patient. This is a case-by-case situation and the only way that we could tell you how long you might need to have braces is to come into our office and have a consultation. But we are certain that if you maintain good oral hygiene and have had regular appointments with your general dentist this will definitely help aid in the process of moving your teeth at a successful rate. We also encourage you to see your general dentist for the whole entire process of receiving braces from your orthodontist.

The best way to learn what kind of services you need and how long you will need them is to set up a consultation and talk directly to your orthodontist. To contact Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics I you have to do is call the number of any of their five offices or call today or Tulsa office through the phone number 918.747.1346. Another way for you to contact them is to go to their website and thought some information there.