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This Content Was Written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics started providing orthodontic treatment in 1960. Since that time we have been the answer to the question that so many families have been asking around the city which is Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces?. Our number one goal is to evaluate each individual case and deliver the right orthodontic treatment for whoever walks in our door. We strive to meet the needs of our patients, provided comfortable environment and give back to the community in a big way. We continue to be the number one practice in the city and we had years of experience that trumps most everyone. Get started today by scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors at 918 747-1346.

So if you’re asking yourself the question Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces?. We invite you to schedule your consultation to see why were the number one choice for so many families and adults of the city. The ultimate goal is to make sure that were giving you exactly what you need when it comes to orthodontic treatment and nothing more. Our goal is to find out the best solution to give you a straight smile. Yet the look of braces as an investment into your self-image and into your confidence. You’d be surprised how much your confidence will boost when you know that you have a beautiful smile to show off.

All of our orthodontists are friendly, down to earth and focus on the patient personally. Our goal is to get to know you and have open communication about everything that’s going on the moment you begin treatment. So you’re no longer asking the question Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces?. But you receive your answer when you undergo treatment. Everything is supposed to be simple, easy and we want to make you as comfortable as possible especially when it comes time to tighten those braces. Getting you to the end as soon as possible as our number one goal but we are also transparent about the amount time that takes the braces do their work.

All of our patients are encouraged to ask questions and we want you to take an interactive role in your treatment. By doing this it allows us to understand with anything need to change or if we need to go in a different direction when it comes to your teeth. Open communication is extremely important for your doctor because they simply don’t know what they don’t know. Because we established that open communication are patients that we have worked with in the past rave about how easy it is to talk to us and get things resolved quickly. We understand the time in the money that takes when straightening your teeth. You should have the opportunity to address any concerns that you have with our doctor.

So if you’re still asking the question Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces?. We invite you to schedule your consultation today to figure out if we are the best choice for you. We understand that there are many other orthodontic practices throughout the city but there’s something about Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics that keeps bringing families, adults and kids through our doors. Be apart of something bigger than yourself and be imparted in investing into your smile. We also get back to the community and believe in building a community right here in our office. Get your braces today and start investing in your future which will ultimately lead to more confidence and a quality self image.

Every Smile Tells the Story

This Content Was Written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics answers the question that everyone’s been asking around town which is Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces? The answer is very simple. It’s us. You’re working with an orthodontic practice that is been in business since 1960 and providing top quality experience for helping kids, adults and families invest in their smile. We are dedicated team of individuals that focus on treating everyone like family, providing service and alternately reaching your goal of having a happy and healthy smile. We want to provide you with a free consultation and go over all the details of what it will take to get you braces. Call now at 918-747-1346.

The first thing we do is we answer the question that you’ve been asking which is  Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces? Once we’ve answered that we can then go into providing you with a detailed list of different procedures and treatments to help you get a straight smile. Just because you’re looking to have straight teeth and a healthy smile does not necessarily mean that you need braces. We had different orthodontic options and solutions but we want to find the best one for you. How do we do it? We look at your dental history and your teeth and we find the best path to take when it comes to straightening out your teeth. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the right resolution for the situation.

After that we will decide what the best option is for you and get you in treatment right away. At that point you should be asking anymore Where is the best place in Tulsa to get braces? By Then it should be pretty evident that we are the number one place for braces. The reason why our practice is so popular and why it has stood the test time is because orthodontist s focused on building meaningful relationships with all of our patients. You feel like family the moment you walk in and the moment you walk out. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment where most people might feel uncomfortable. Nobody particularly likes getting their teeth worked on and we completely understand.

The goal here is to make sure that everyone is receiving the right result for their teeth. Everyone is different and everybody walks in with a different set of teeth. We want to make sure that solution we provide is right for you and we want to go over cost to ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying. We also put a timeline in front of you so that you know when it’s time to get the braces off. And when it comes to adults we provide invisible braces for adults that work the same way as traditional braces except that there completely transparent. This is a great alternative to traditional braces for adults to not want to have stainless steel brackets be distract their everyday life.

The final thing that will say about our orthodontic practice is that we believe in being part of the community in a big way. In fact for every set of braces that we provide we give back to the Royal Family Kids Camp. This is a nonprofit organization that provides birthday celebrations for foster children who have never celebrated their birthday. We believe that by giving back to this organization and to these foster children we are investing into the future of our city. So you know that if you decide to get braces with us you are also a part of that community and helping those kids celebrate their birthday.