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You can let us show you time and time again the testimonials that we’ve had from other people that have been here and you can see how happy they were with their procedure here. Do you know anyone who is trying to find orthodontists in Owasso ? We do a great job at being able to straighten teeth it’s something we’ve done for quite a while and if there is any kind of dental disease or anything that we need to address going forward before we get to the braces we know what we need to do. Please come and see us today and let us take your teeth to the next level by getting them straightened whitened and looking absolutely amazing.

If there’s ever a question about what you should do on the website get in touch with us we can explain everything to you when you are in the website there are many different contact forms with you want to check out more information about our fizzling braces you can always do that you can always go to the our story page which is a great way to be able to tell more about who we are Tom Kirkpatrick and Dr. Joe have been doing orthodontics for a long time and have been very fortunate to be able to work with each other and create this amazing experience that you see today. We are going to be able to help you find orthodontists in Owasso simply and easily.

Dr. Doug and Dr. Joe got there doctorates from OU and have since built a business that people can truly love because our front door members are not only eager to help you but they help with everything from scheduling appointments to figuring out what you need to come back and simply handling your smile. When you need to smile come in and see us. The girls up from the going to take good care of you our staff is talent knowledgeable and know a lot more than most front desk people which is great because then everyone in the business can assist you when you don’t have to find people who say oh I’m I don’t know let me find someone else… We all can help you do everything you need to do.

Look no further when you need someone who is educated on orthodontic work we are the ones to come to because our dentistry to the years has grown into something amazing some people even call us the tooth fairy’s because we take care of your teeth and were sweetest berries. If you’d like to come in and get your teeth uncrooked we can definitely do it for you please let us show you what were the best in the business. Let us show you what it’s like to work with someone who is considered to be one of the places everybody goes on are trying to find orthodontists in Owasso today by calling of setting an appointment with 918-747-1346 or going

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One of the things that makes us a little bit different than other places is that our front office staff members are truly eager to help you we want to make sure that we answer Find Orthodontists In Owasso questions that we take care of any scheduling conflicts that you guys may have take care of your insurance get everything up to date and really work on building rapport and a true long-term relationship with you.

The thing that makes us different is the paragraph above. We truly are different because we care about those things we care about your child smile we care about long-term Find Orthodontists In Owasso relationships we care about building rapport with our clients and really building a pillar in the community for good dental care. It’s very that you find orthodontists offices as clean and state-of-the-art as ours is. We are the number one dentist office in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. We’ve opened up multiple offices now and that’s because people simply love the work that we did so much that we could not keep all of the clients under one roof and had to expand.

He been doing this for over 30 years so we really know what works and what doesn’t work sometimes you hear about new things that come out that are going to revolutionize orthodontics and then they come out and they just simply do not and then we’ve had some things that come out and they do actually help us in the orthodontists industry and make things smoother and less painful and easier which is great and so being that we’ve been around long enough to try all of these things out we know what works and what doesn’t work and we take a know BS approach to being able to get your kids taken care of in your teeth straightened without stress.

A lot of dental offices are very uncomfortable we focus on trying to make you comfortable while you’re here that’s why the front desk ladies are going to be asking how’s your day going what’s going on we try to remember people and really show you that when you come back time and time again with us you’ll feel like family.

We also like to answer all of your questions is a very big thing as well many people feel like they are scared when they go to the dentist I think part of the problem is that they just don’t understand what’s going on they don’t understand what the procedure entails and so sometimes that can be scary so we will set in with you and go over what your braces are going to look like what it’s going to be like when you’re healing and how the whole process to work so that you can feel comfortable setback relaxed and let us handle the rest when you need to find orthodontists in Owasso call 918-747-1346 or go online