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Invisalign Tulsa | Let Us Help You!

Invisalign Tulsa | time for a new smile

Here at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics, we want you to be a part of our family. We know that it can be a confusing anniversary process trying to figure out where to go for a new orthodontist, but we want to be people for you. We have a business together for over 20 years and have extreme knowledge and everything Invisalign Tulsa. We know that a lot of people tend to avoid the fact that any braces if they are older because they do not want to have a mouth full of metal. With the new technology of invisalign, you have the ability to straighten your teeth without anyone ever knowing.

On our website we have uploaded some information and videos that can you started on the research Invisalign Tulsa, but would love if he would schedule an appointment and come in to talk to us so we can provide you all the information and walk you through the process step-by-step. We want you to be fully informed on all of your options so we can pick the best for you. There tends to be a negative connotation whenever people talk about the orthodontist, but we want to change that.

Dr. Patrick and Dr. Lai have made it their mission to create a family-friendly office for all their patients. They want everyone to be as comfortable as possible and they want everyone to have confidence and trust them to give them the best smile possible, especially if that is with Invisalign Tulsa. Is a strong relationships with their patients is what has made them so successful. They have countless and countless reviews and testimonials from patients who are extremely happy with the process of working with Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Lai. It is extremely important to them that they stay connected with their patients. They do this with follow-up texts or calls, even through reaching out with social media.

Something that we found is a staple in our practice is to connect our community. We feel this is a great way to connect with their patients and also get them involved. We also want to make our state a better place. With every new patient that starts treatment with us we will donate $10 to the royal family kids camp. We are raising money to throw a birthday party for the children of the organization. We want to also create a relationship with our community.

On our website, you can schedule an appointment. If it is your first appointment you will receive a free consultation x-ray. That you can also read the patient testimonials and you can also read on history. We have four different offices located around Oklahoma in Tulsa, Tahlequah, Miami and Okmulgee. All the phone numbers for these offices are on our website, we would love if you contact the one closest to you if you have any questions or concerns, some one from our family office staff to help you in any way they can. We can’t wait to meet you and create that beautiful smile.

Invisalign Tulsa | Let us help you!

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to be the place to help you. We have all the information that you would need about Invisalign Tulsa. If you are thinking about getting braces, we’re the place to help you make that decision. We’ve been in business together were over 20 years and have been on many boards together. They want to help in any way they can do they want to make sure you have the best experience possible. There are a lot of people out there that are terrified of the orthodontist. They want to change that fear and want to make it a fun and enjoyable place to visit.

When it comes to Invisalign Tulsa versus metal braces, we had permission you will need to make a decision. We have some information uploaded directly to the website to get you started on the research. We would love if you came and gave us a visit at one of our offices so we could figure out what path is the right path for you, And how we can make it as easy as possible for you. There are a lot of adults that need braces, but don’t want to get them because they don’t want a mouthful of metal. That’s why Invisalign is a great option because they are virtually undetectable.

Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Lai have made it their mission to create a practice that is family-friendly and extremely welcoming. They want every patient to feel like they are walking in to a friendly place where they can receive the best service possible. They also want their patients to feel like they are getting the best information possible on Invisalign Tulsa Both doctors believe that it is extremely important to make their patients feel excited when they will come in for an appointment. They want to be your number one choice for orthodontics. It is also really important to them that they follow up with patients. They want to keep a constant line of communication with all their patients so that they can assure that they are still happy with their services. They also believe that creating a strong relationship with their patients will help their patients trust them more.

One of the biggest goals of Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics is to give back to the community and to make Oklahoma a better place. They would love for all the patients to get involved as well. For every new patient treatment on the $10 to the royal family kids club. This is the foundation that helps children who have been affected by abuse and neglect. We are currently raising money to throw a birthday party with the children have never had one.

At our website you can schedule an appointment or you can call one of our lovely members of our office staff if you have any questions. We afford locations around Oklahoma. You can also read testimonials and read a little bit more about our history on our website if you would like.