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Are you in the market for a new mile? Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics would love to be the orthodontist that give you that million dollar smile. We have been in practice for over 50 years. Dr. Lai doing death in 1999 and has been here over 20 years. Both Dr. Kilpatrick and Dr. Lai know everything there is to know about Invisalign Tulsa. They are excited to help you achieve your goal of being more confident with that new smile. Our customer service is unmatched and our offices are so welcoming. We have a 100% as I get.

We know that people are scared of the orthodontist, or they are embarrassed of the fact that they have to get braces, but there is no need to be embarrassed anymore. Invisalign Tulsa is a new opportunity for you to straighten your teeth and regain your confidence without anyone else knowing. The device itself is a clear retainer that you wear throughout the day and night. So no one will know that you have braces on. You can read him or our website and you can come into our offices for a consultation where we can explain everything in detail. Love to have the opportunity to help you in this journey.

Now before this starts, it is imperative that you get to know both Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Lai to see if the right fit, but we pretty much guarantee it will be. They are so eager and excited to help you on this Invisalign Tulsa journey. They have extensive knowledge in this area and they are competent that they can give you the confidence that you are missing so dearly. They make it a priority to stay in contact with their patients whether that be through social media, emails, text messages, and phone calls. They never want you to feel like you are not being taken care of, so they always make sure to follow up. Since this journey of a braces can be expensive, you get to know them very well.

At the corner of Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics, is a heart of giving. Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Lai both find it extremely poor and that MSS open to the community. They are just trying to make Oklahoma a better place. This is why with every first treatment of a patient they will donate $10 to the royal family kids camp. They are currently raising money to host a birthday party for these children. They would love for all their patients to involved and you have a hand in helping the community as well.

You go to to schedule an appointment today, where your first one you will receive a free consultation free x-ray. You can also reach all the contact information for all of our offices on our website. They will love to give them a call with any questions you had. We love you also and watch some of our patient testimonials so you can see why we are unlike any other orthodontist in the area. We promise to give you our full dedication so that you end up with the smile you love.

Invisalign Tulsa | let us see that smile

Being and one eating braces can be a little embarrassing. That is why we want to introduce to you Invisalign Tulsa. Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to be the one to take you on this journey to a new confident smile. We are confident that we can get the best treatment possible while making the most comfortable possible. We have been in practice for over 50 years. Dr. Lai joined us in 1999, said he has been with for 20 years. With all of our combined experience and knowledge there is no other orthodontist and that even compares to us. Our services and staff are unmatched.

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to inform you on all of the steps in the Invisalign Tulsa process. They believe that the key to being happy with your results is making sure you are informed the whole time and that they have a constant line of communication you. We know that as an adult leader on a mouthful of metal, so that is why we want to give you the opportunity to duplicate that confidence while without anyone even knowing that you have braces. This is revolutionary technology that we are excited to share with you. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so we know that you will leave our office with a huge smile on her face.

When deciding on what orthodontist to use for Invisalign Tulsa, we believe it is important that you get to know them. That is why we have uploaded some background and information on our website so you can go and get to know if little better. We would also love to meet you for your first time free consultation and x-ray to talk all of your options. Something that makes us to from other orthodontist is the fact that we keep a constant line of communication that we follow up with all of our patients. This can be through social media, text messages, phone calls, and through email.

Being able to give back to the community is something that is so important to us. We want to share what we have with everyone else so we can make Oklahoma a better place. Is why with every first treatment we will donate $10 to the royal family kids camp. This is amazing group that gives kids the opportunity to do things that they would’ve been able to before, might simply have a birthday party. We all of our patients know that they are helping in making his kids life better and that they are a part of changing our community. That is what bonds us with our patients.

You can go to to views over patient testimonials to see really why we are the best. You can also schedule an appointment online or you can call one of our four offices and speak to one of our office staff members to set up your appointment. We hope that you are just as excited as we are to start this journey to new bright shining smile.