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Invisalign Tulsa | The Brace Place For You

Invisalign Tulsa | try invisalign!

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics has been in this business since 1960. That’s over 50 years. Dr. Lai joined the Kirkpatrick’s in 1999, that’s 20 years of working together. They both are experts and in this field, and want to give you the best experience possible. Invisalign Tulsa has become popular, instead of regular metal braces. Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to be the place you turn to whenever you are faced with the decision of the braces or invisalign. They know that getting a dental work done can be scary, they want to make it as comfortable as possible.

Invisalign and benefits both have benefits and setbacks. This is a big decision, Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to be there to help you if you are looking into invisalign Tulsa. They are experts on this subject, and want to have you make the best decision for you. They have seen that many adults prefer invisalign over the metal braces, and that is why they decided to offer invisalign is so they can reach the whole family. There are many different factors that go into making these decisions, but they were hope you walk through step-by-step. Visit our website to watch a video and see a diagram of the differences between braces and invisalign.

Both the doctors are very family oriented, and love to spend their free time outside. They also love to hear all the stories from their patients, and treat them like family. If you are in the market for invisalign Tulsa, Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics is the place to be. They want all their patients to feel comfortable in their office and feel like like their home. One of the most important things to both of the doctors is to stay connected with their patients. The way they do this is through phone calls, social media, emails, and text. They find it very important to always have a line of communication. Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics we like to guarantee you 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also promise you 55% more efficiency with the technology that we have.

Giving back to something that is really important. They partner with a foundation called Royal family kids camp. Doing this they feel they are helping make Oklahoma a better place day by day. Last year they put on a kinetic birthday party and raised $7500 for the foundation. They love when their patients get involved with them in this foundation and get involved and giving back. They want to create a better community for their patients and for the kids. On their website, you can read personalized notes from the children, and watch videos highlighting the different outreaches that they have performed.

You can visit to read more about their story, read testimonials from former patients, and view all the media that they haven’t featured in. You also can schedule an appointment with them online, and on your first visit you receive a free consultation and x-ray. Therefore different offices located around Oklahoma and you can view all of their phone numbers online. You can give any of these offices a call to ask any questions and a schedule of appointments.

Invisalign Tulsa | the brace place for you

No one wants to hear the words that they have the braces. Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to take the negativity away from these words. Searching for invisalign Tulsa task for invisalign. Something that makes Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics the other place is like atmosphere and how much they care about their patients. They have also done extensive research on both invisalign and braces. They have been in the business together for 20 years, and the practice has been there for 60 years. They value staff and their patient and treat everyone like family. The have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are any differences between invisalign and braces, but the biggest one is the. That is why invisalign Tulsa has become so popular in the recent years because adults are wanting to get them more and more. Many adults are scared at the idea of having to get braces, that is why Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics wants to inform them that their other options for them. On our website we have a comparison between both braces and invisalign. There also is a video you can watch that can give you more information.

Both of the doctors have been working together since 1999, and their biggest goal for their practice is to treat it like a family. They were all of their patients to post comfortable as possible and to have the best experience possible. Both doctors love to adventure outside, they love to hear about their patient’s outside activities. They both are experts in this field and will walk you through the process of picking out your invisalign Tulsa step-by-step. They will not leave you hanging, because they know that this can be a confusing process and can potentially waste a lot of money. The loss of a wise for you to be confused and broke.

Something that is huge for both of the doctors is giving back to their community. They love when their patients get involved with them, they just want to try and make their comedian Oklahoma a better place day by day. A foundation that has been close to them for many years is the Royal family kids camp. This is a foundation that strives to help children who have been victims of abuse and neglect have a better life and be able to celebrate even the little things. Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics feels like it is really important that they do as much as they can to make the committee a better place. They put on a huge but a party in the park for these children last year and raised $7500. This just shows what kind of people they are, and shows that you can trust them with all of your dental decisions.

. You can visit their website to learn more about their practice, and to schedule an appointment. You can also view testimonials from current and former patients and view all of the new stories and media coverage that they have gone since they started. If you are a new shack you have a free consultation and x-ray, you can give whatever office phone number a call to set up your appointment or to ask any questions you might have.