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Happy and Healthy!

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics.

Happy and healthy, that is how you are going to look, because you have a brand new smile. You will bring a smile because you were to see the experts at Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontist. They have been providing people amazing services for over 50 years now. It does not matter if you need some adult orthodontic treatment, facial surgery referrals, or the best Invisible Braces in Tulsa, Kirkpatrick & Lai is the place for you. To schedule a consultation with them, that just so happens to be free call 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346.

Yes, you can call that number, and get a free orthodontic consultation with them. They will sit down with you, evaluate your situation, and see if you even have a need for Invisible Braces in Tulsa. Actually, even if you are not in Tulsa there is a chance that you need braces, or some other type of orthodontic treatment. Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontics understands this, and that is why they want to build help as many people in Oklahoma as possible. This is why they have five different locations throughout the state. They have a orthodontic practice in Miami Oklahoma, theyhave one in Tahlequah Oklahoma, Okmulgee, and Pryor. And obviously Tulsa.

Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontists are truly all about helping people. They want to help you and your family get the best smile that is possible. There also all about helping the community that we live in which is Oklahoma. That is why they have partnered with the Royal Family Kids Camp, to donate $10 every single time they get a new patient. That is correct, Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontics has made a commitment to Royal Family Kids Camp to help all the different kids that have been abused and/or neglected in Oklahoma, to donate $10 for every single new client that Kirkpatrick & Lai receive.

You get to be part of that. When you come, and sign up for the very first time, you get to be part of this amazing movement that Kirkpatrick & Lai have made a commitment with. We think that it is amazing. We think that it is fantastic that you can have amazing Invisible Braces in Tulsa and still be part of their amazing movement is committed to helping the foster kids and Oklahoma’s foster care system. Like I was saying earlier, Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontics truly do have a heart for people of Oklahoma, whether it is their patients, or the foster care kids.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a call at any one of their five different locations. Call 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346 to schedule the consultation that we were talking about earlier. Give them a call today, and set up your free consultation, or you can go to their website and do the same. It is You can also check out the Royal Family Kids Camp a little bit more on the website as well.

Helping Every Single Person in Oklahoma.

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai orthodontists.

Kirkpatrick & Lai have made it their mission to help every single person in Oklahoma. They are doing so in two different ways. The first, by providing amazing orthodontic services to every single person that comes to any of their five different locations. Yes, they have five different locations in Miami, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and Tulsa. They specialize in helping you get the best smile that you possibly can have. If you have a crooked smile, get some of their amazing Invisible Braces in Tulsa. If you need a facial surgery referrals, they can do that. They can do anything that you need. Give them a call at 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346.

But they are helping people in more ways than just that. Yes, Kirkpatrick & Lai are helping more people in Oklahoma than just the ones that are coming to them to get the Invisible Braces in Tulsa. They are actually helping kids in Oklahoma as well. They are helping foster kids, and kids that have been neglected by donating $10 every single time they get a new patient. Every time Kirkpatrick & Lai receive a new patient, they donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp which is a camp for kids that have been neglected and abused in some way or the other. This kids camp is dedicated into helping make those kids lives better, showing them that the world is not always a terrible place.

You can be part of that. You can come and get the most amazing Invisible Braces in Tulsa, but also leave feeling good that you have helped some child in need. Some of these kids have never had the birthday celebrated before, and that is what the Royal family kids camp does. They make sure that they celebrate a giant birthday party for these kids, but have never had that opportunity. You can be a part of that, while getting an amazing smile at the same time! Come be a part of the family that we have been making since 1960.

50 years is it extremely long time, and the reason why we have been able to continue growing throughout the years is that we have a dedication to each and every single person that uses us. We have dedication to all of Oklahoma because we are Oklahomans ourselves. We believe that everyone needs to be taking care of, and we are just doing our part. If you want to be part of this, all you have to do is give us a call, and set up a consultation.

A consultation that is free, I do not know if I mention that already. If I did, I apologize but if I did not, then there you go. A free consultation, all you have to do is call or go to the website. The website that you can go to is and the phone number you can call is 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346.