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Beautiful, Straight Teeth

This content was written for Kirkpatrick and Lie Orthodontics

Now is the best time to sign up for Tulsa braces at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. There are several great reasons to get involved with a wonderful orthodontist that has experience, expertise, and cares about the community as a whole. These orthodontists have been in practice for over 50 years. During that time, they have risen to the top of the orthodontic world. The reason they have been so successful is their dedication to the clients, their excellent customer service, and their incredible options for orthodontic treatment. If you are interested in this wonderful orthodontist you should call 918-747-1346.

The first thing you need to know about Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics is that they are a family-owned and operated business. When you sign up with a family-owned business, you can be sure that their customer service will be top quality. They will truly take the time to treat you like a family member and a friend. They will not just treat you like a way to make money. They know that there are a lot of treatment options out there and a lot of orthodontists that you can choose from. That is why they will make every effort possible to win your business and to keep you coming back to them for all of your orthodontic needs. They take their work seriously and they love helping people get beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives.

Another great aspect of coming to this orthodontist is the different treatment options they offer. Traditional braces are the most popular Tulsa braces out there. But they also have an option known as invisible braces. These offer a more streamlined look for those not wanting the traditional metal brackets. There are also other things to consider. That is why you need to get on their website at to learn about all of their different treatment options that they have available. You can also ask a question to one of the orthodontist through their submit a question form on the website. You can even schedule an appointment with their online scheduling form. They want to make this as convenient as possible for you each and every time you come in for an appointment.

Convenience and quality is what this orthodontist is truly all about. It’s not often that you find in orthodontists that is truly concerned with working around your schedule. Their front office staff is friendly and always willing to help. They understand that you are busy individual and that it’s hard to schedule time for orthodontic appointments. Especially if you have kids who are both embraces of the same time. This can be a hassle but is not fun to deal with. Trying to get your kids scheduled for orthodontic appointments can be a nightmare. But not when you come to Kirkpatrick and Lai. They will truly take the time to invest in you and make sure that your appointments are convenient for you.

So when your kids get Tulsa braces, or maybe the braces are for you, you will know that you will get top-quality service and expertise. In every single way this orthodontist will win you over. They are so excellent at what they do. If you don’t believe me, just hop on their website and read the testimonials for yourself. They have so many great testimonials that testify to their success. That number one more time is 918-747-1346. Call them today and speak to one of their front office staff members to schedule your first appointment. It will be the best decision you made in a while. You won’t regret it and you will smile big.

Braces For The Whole Family

This content was written for Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics

Have you been looking for a great orthodontist to put on Tulsa braces for you? Deciding to get braces is a big part in your life. Maybe it is something you have been contemplating for a while, but have put off due to time and money. It is difficult to schedule orthodontist appointments, we all know that. That is why at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics, it is our goal to make it extremely easy for you to schedule appointments. We always want to be accessible to you to make sure that all your questions are answered in a timely and efficient manner. You will find that you will love the customer service and professionalism of this orthodontist. To experience it for yourself
call 918-747-1346 today.

What makes us different than other orthodontists in the industry? The truth is that our Tulsa braces are some of the best in the industry. We have also been around for over 50 years. Our expertise combined with our experience makes us a top choice for so many families in Tulsa. People trust us to take care of them and all of their orthodontic needs. You need an orthodontist to you can be open and honest with about your desires. Many people get braces in order to straighten their teeth and improve the look of their smile. But people also get braces if their bite is crooked and they need to have a healthier bite in order to have a healthy mouth. There are lots of different reasons for getting braces, whether traditional braces or invisible braces.

During your first consultation, we will go over the different treatment options with you and see which one you like best. Isn’t that a relief? We are not going to pressure you into something that you do not want to do. We know that everyone has goals for their orthodontic treatment. We will give you all the options plainly and simply let you decide what is best for you. The ultimate decision is up to you with what treatment you decide to go with. We are not going to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do or treatment that isn’t right for you. Just because it will make us money, does not mean it is best for you. What is best for you is truly our goal with every single treatment option. That you can count on. People have been counting on it for 50 years.

This orthodontist is truly the one for you. Have you been looking for a orthodontist and can’t seem to find one? Truth is there are a lot of different choices for you when it comes to finding orthodontist. So what do you need when it comes to braces? You need someone you can trust and who gives back to the community. Why would you care about people getting back to the community? Because it’s an important part of being a good individual. If you want to help out, then you should sign up with this orthodontist. They donate $10 to great organization that puts on birthday parties for underprivileged children for every patient that signs up. So that means when you sign up for treatment, they will donate $10 to this great organization.

So now you see how many great reasons are for joining this great orthodontist. When you came up with the top-notch orthodontist at Kirkpatrick and Lai, your Tulsa braces are guaranteed to be a great success. They will also work so incredibly fast that you won’t even believe it. Your teeth will be looking better in no time. No matter what reason you have for getting braces, these orthodontists truly understand your need. They want to help you fulfill your need in any way possible. That is their goal and that is what they aim to do. They always aim to exceed every clients expectations. Call them today at 918-747-1346. The quicker you call, the quicker your teeth will be beautiful straight.