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Braces And You

This content was written for Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics

Have you ever considered getting Tulsa braces? If you are in the market for an orthodontist, we have one great one to tell you about. They have been in the industry for over 50 years. They are such a great orthodontist and you will truly enjoy working with them. They know their stuff and they are great at what they do. Like I said before they have been the business for over 50 years. They have knowledge and experience that you need to straighten your smile. To find out more about this wonderful orthodontist you can give them a phone call at 918-747-1346. They are open every day during normal business hours and will be happy to take your phone call.

Seriously, you need to call and set up an appointment with his orthodontist for your Tulsa braces treatment. There is no better place to get treatment so why not come near. Don’t settle for a lesser orthodontist than this one. You need someone you can trust by your side when it comes your orthodontic care. Choosing the wrong orthodontist can make a huge difference in the end result of your treatment. It can also make a huge difference throughout the process of your treatment. If you have an orthodontist who doesn’t truly invest in you and doesn’t care about your treatment, you will not have a good time during it. You will be miserable and always wishing you would’ve come to Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics.

So before you make a mistake coming somewhere else, why don’t you just come here and make the right choice first. Making the right choice is what this orthodontist is all about. They have been doing it for over 50 years of excellence. Another great reason why you should come here is the fact that they are so incredibly professional. Their professionalism is truly second to none and you will love the work they do. It’s incredible that they continue to dominate the industry after so long. The reason is there success in treating their clients like family. That’s right, they’ve been a family-owned and operated business for 50 years. It is a long stretch of time to be family-owned and that is what they pride themselves on.

They also pride themselves on being accessible to all their clients. They have what they refer to as an open office policy. During your entire treatment, they want you to be sure to ask any questions you may have about treatment. If there’s something you’re hesitant about you should tell them! They are not worried about you offending them at all. The thing they are more worried about is you not being satisfied with your in treatment. They want you to be so pleased with the result that you tell your friends all about the great work that they did. Your ultimate satisfaction is their goal. They are willing to go above and beyond to help you in your endeavor for a beautiful smile.

So now you know there is truly no better orthodontist for you than Kirkpatrick and Lai. When it comes to Tulsa braces, no other orthodontists can really compete with what they offer. They offer high quality braces, customer service that will wow you, professionalism, and a proven track record of success over the last 50 years. That is something to stand on when it comes to excellence. That is what they strive for. You can be sure that your teeth will end up looking fantastic when you come here. Don’t ever settle for less when it comes your orthodontic treatment. You deserve better than the best. So call 918-747-1346 today.

Braces For You

This content was written for Kirkpatrick and While Orthodontics

The name in the orthodontics industry that you can trust the most is called Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. For over 50 years, their Tulsa braces have been second to none. They offer high quality braces for individuals just like you. The reason they have been so successful is simple customer service and treating clients like friends and family. They take the time to invest in all their clients like many orthodontists do not. You will not just be another random customer at this orthodontists. Find out more about what I’m talking about just call 918-747-1346 today.

Let me tell you about the first great thing of this orthodontists does in addition to Tulsa braces. Your braces will look and feel great, but there is another reason why you should get braces here instead of elsewhere. One such reason is the fact that they give back to the community and truly invest in children. For each new patient, they donate $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp Birthday Party. This great organization puts on birthday parties for underprivileged children who have not had the opportunity like other kids have. The reason they do this is so they can be a part of something larger than themselves. As orthodontists, they believe it is their duty to give back to the community as a whole. That is exactly what they’re doing. Come be a part of that at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics.

Being a part of something like that is such a great experience for you. It would be and you deserve to have that experience. Just like these kids deserve to have a birthday party. You also deserve to have a straight smile. There is no doubt that you have been feeling self-conscious about your smile and are looking into braces. The reason most people want braces is cosmetic issues. They want their smile to look pretty. If you don’t have a pretty looking smile, you are less confident in your life and how you look. They can even affect the business deals and the people that you potentially could meet. You want to put your best foot forward when you meet new people and that is why you should get braces at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics.

But getting braces is more than just a cosmetic decision. Having straight teeth and a healthy smile can actually improve your overall health as well. Your oral health actually is directly tied to your overall health. If you have bad oral health that can lead to health issues in the future. You don’t want that because it is a pain to deal with. Trust us on that one, because many people have suffered from health issues because of poor oral health. So you need to get these braces from Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics today. The reason that you should get it from them is because they have been in business for 50 years. That is a long time and they surely know what they are doing and how to do things.

See your Tulsa braces should be an easy decision. That decision should be to come to Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. It will be the best decision you made in a long time. You can call them again at 918-747-1346. If you would rather visit them on the web, their website is On their website you can read testimonials from people just like you who were so glad that they chose Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. You will be so glad as well after your teeth are straight and beautiful. Don’t short yourself any longer and get the smile you deserve and have always wanted. Come to this fantastic, award-winning orthodontists and have your world changed forever.