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Invisible Braces Made From Monocrystalline Sapphire

In order to maintain the excellence we have built over the last 50 years, we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the industry. The reason why we have been so successful at retaining patients and getting new patients every year is because of our commitment to excellence in everything we do. If you have not heard of Tulsa invisible braces, it’s time for you to find out just what they can do for you. Whatever your reason is for being interested in braces, invisible braces might just be the perfect fit for your teeth.

Finding the perfect treatment for your teeth is what we as orthodontists are paid to do. Our job is not to just give you a generic treatment that may not be right for you. We care about more than just a paycheck. This is your mouth and your oral health we are talking about and that matters to us. If you are a candidate for Tulsa invisible braces, you will enjoy the newest technology in invisible braces. The brackets are made of monocrystalline sapphire which makes them nearly invisible and the clearest brackets compared to other invisible braces.

Invisible braces are extremely similar to traditional metal brackets and braces. They fit on the teeth the same and they will move your teeth just as quickly as traditional braces would. This is different than invisalign. These are not trays that you take in and out. These are braces with clear brackets and clear wires that are glued onto your teeth to move them into the correct position. The reason these are more effective than other options is because they work just like traditional metal braces, which are the quickest and fastest option for moving your teeth into the correct position. They will improve your oral health greatly.

But improving your oral health is not the only reason why you may be interested in Tulsa invisible braces. Getting a beautiful, straight smile is a desire for most people who don’t have straight teeth. Having a straight smile and white teeth and greatly improve your confidence as an individual. It can make your life a lot better and you won’t be as self-conscious about your smile. That’s great news for you. And that’s another reason why you should choose us, the fantastic orthodontists at Kirkpatrick and Lai with over 50 years of experience.

You will be helping more than just your teeth and your overall oral health when you book with Kirkpatrick and Lai. You will also be helping underprivileged kids because we donate $10 for every new patient that signs up to a great program that throws birthday parties for underprivileged children. When you choose this orthodontist you are truly making a difference in the community around you as well as your smile and your oral health. Call them today at 918-747-1346 and get your teeth moving in the right direction.

The Best Braces Money Can Buy

Choosing the right option for your oral health care is essential. You cannot afford to choose an option for an orthodontist that doesn’t take the time to personalize your treatment and answer all of your questions thoroughly. If you have not heard of Tulsa invisible braces, then keep reading this article. This is a great new option offered by Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. They have revolutionized traditional metal braces with this fantastic new treatment for young people and adults alike. Don’t think that it is too late for you to get braces!

Getting braces is a personal decision that everyone must make at some point or another in their lives. Whatever your reason for getting braces, these orthodontists are not your average orthodontic practice. They go above and beyond to help you get the treatment that you deserve to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted. The option known as Tulsa invisible braces is thanks to this orthodontist staying up-to-date with technology and using the most current materials available to them. The brackets for these invisible braces are made out of monocrystalline sapphire making them extremely clear and durable.

Getting clear braces is a great alternative for many people. A lot of people just don’t want to deal with having a bunch of metal in their mouth. That is understandable, especially for adults. That is why when you come to this family oriented and down-to-earth office, you’ll feel at home and you will know that you are getting the best treatment with Tulsa invisible braces. They are friendly and they do everything in their power to give you the best treatment available. The office staff ensures that you are a priority to them and that they work around your busy schedule.

These orthodontist truly individualize the treatment to each patient. They also establish meaningful friendships with you and your family and they always want there to be an open line of communication when you are having your treatment. Getting invisible braces is something that a lot of people should do because it can improve your health and well-being as well as your confidence. There is no better orthodontist to get this treatment done with than Kirkpatrick and Lai. They have been in the business for over 50 years and are still a family-owned business. They encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

Their front office staff is ready and willing to help you book your first consultation and get you started with your Tulsa invisible braces today. Call them at 918-747-1346. They will work around your schedule and get your smile on its way to looking great. Maybe it has been years and you have been meaning to get braces but just have not gotten around to it. Or maybe you are still looking for braces for your kids. Either way, these invisible braces are fantastic new option for people who want a streamlined look for their orthodontic treatment.

Get Your Teeth Moving In The Right Direction

It’s time for you to take a serious look at Tulsa invisible braces. These highly specialized braces, developed by the great orthodontists at Kirkpatrick and Lai, are a great option for people wanting a more streamlined look to their orthodontic treatment. Rather than bulky metal brackets and wires, these invisible braces are true to their name because they are extremely clear. In fact they are the clearest option available on the market! Compared to other invisible braces, there is just nothing that matches up.

When we say these are the clearest invisible braces on the market, you may think that all invisible braces are theoretically the same. But that is where you would be wrong. Some invisible braces use old technology and older material that gives them a dull, yellow color. But these Tulsa invisible braces are made from monocrystalline sapphire making them one of the clearest materials on the market. There is nothing quite like these invisible braces and you will notice a difference immediately. Because you will barely be able to see them and neither will your friends!

This is great news for people with anxiety about getting metal traditional braces. Maybe you have wanted to get braces for years because you desire to have that beautiful straight smile. But you have always put it off because of the stigma that goes with having braces in your mouth. Especially at an older age when it is much less common to have braces. These Tulsa invisible braces will cure all of those worries that you have had for years. Kirkpatrick and Lai will take the time to explain exactly what these braces will do and why they will be a great benefit to you and your oral health.

When it comes to choosing an orthodontist, not all orthodontists are equal. Kirkpatrick and Lai have been around since 1960 and since then have maintained their status as a family-owned and operated business. That makes them truly care about their clients so you can tell that the treatment you get is the best. They are wonderful people who take the time to build relationships with all of their clients and keep communication open and friendly during the entire process of straightening your smile.

With all of these great reasons to choose Kirkpatrick and Lai, why would you go anywhere else for your orthodontic treatment? They truly care about you, the community as a whole, and taking on new customers every year and forming a new lifelong relationships. Your teeth will look incredible once you have done the invisible braces that this orthodontist offers. It will happen extremely quick so you can get back to living your life. That is their goal, to get you in and out of braces as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality and excellence that you deserve. Give them a call today at 918-747-1346.