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Straightening the Crooked

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Patients are the number one priority. Since 1960 our owners in our founders made a conscious decision to his put the patient first. We are customer service representatives first and orthodontists second. Ensuring that our patients have a good experience is just as important at reaching the end result of a beautiful smile. With over five decades professional customer service experience and orthodontic treatment experience, there’s no better place to take yourself or your loved one to receive that beautiful smile. Schedule your consultation with us today so that we can show you the end result is sure to blow your mind.

Tulsa invisible braces. This is by far become very popular in the last years. Why? Because nobody wants to walk around with big, metal, obvious brackets and bands that shout to the whole world, I Have Braces! With invisible braces we provide you with clear or silver brackets and bands that are very discreet. Our professionals have found this is very popular among adults who are looking to straighten their teeth but not draw attention to themselves. Nobody wants to look like a teenager and we provide you with the way to avoid that completely.

We want you to enjoy your time with our orthodontist. We understand that you’ve other things you’d rather be doing but that’s why we ensure to give you the best quality care when you come in. Having our patients trust us and have confidence in us it’s a huge deal. It allows us to the best job that we can will also connecting with you on a personal level. By finding out your goals we can better serve you and get you to that end result of beautiful teeth. Tulsa invisible braces it is now, more than ever, the perfect time to get braces.

Along with providing quality we also give back to communities. We strongly believe in doing our part to enriching the lives of the people who live in the city. For us it’s the foster children. We have partnered up with the Royal Family Kids Camp which provides foster children with birthdays who would otherwise not receive them. Our goal is not going to give fact for our patients but the city in which we live in and the city in which we love.

If you’re ready to get started and need more information about our Tulsa invisible braces please visit us online today to schedule your very first consultation. Our professional orthodontist will walk you through step-by-step what we need to do get started and get you the results that you need. Here at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics we provide you with the upmost quality care and make your whole experience most comfortable that we can.

Receive the Treatment You Deserve

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Patients for the last five decades have placed their trust in our ability to perform quality orthodontic treatment and straighten their teeth with the best possible care that we can. We keep patients comfortable and confident in our ability to help them move towards a more beautiful and straighter smile. We help you with all of the details, the evaluation and even show you the end result you decide to move forward with Tulsa invisible braces. Give us a call today to set up your consultation and see what were the number one choice for orthodontists in the city.

Having straight teeth is within your grasp. Understand that when we evaluate your teeth is not going to be the same result as the patient we did before you. Patients always respond differently to orthodontic treatment and everyone’s teeth are different. The time factor, the result and the details are almost always going to be different than previous patients. The way that you take care of them and the amount of time that we spend with you all determines on the quality of your teeth. We custom tailored orthodontic package that right for you.

Tulsa invisible braces are simply the opposite of the thick metal bands in brackets you have seen in the past. With invisible braces the brackets are clear or silver, making them more discreet and less noticeable to the people around you. Patients have remarked on how most people didn’t even realize they have braces until they got up very close. This is what were trying to achieve. Young professionals and adults are always looking for a way to get the results they need but without interrupting their daily activity or distracting those around them.

Along with every pair of braces or Tulsa invisible braces that we said, we donate $10 back to the Royal Family Kids Camp. This is a Christian camp that gives back to the foster children of Oklahoma by providing them with love, care and the tools necessary to succeed in life. Our campaign is called the Giving Smiles, Giving Birthdays Program. This camp will host birthdays for foster children who don’t even know the day that they were born. We celebrate these children for their lives and for who they can become in the future.

After we place you with braces, we go over all the details of taking care of your teeth, maintaining them and even what you can eat. We are never going to leave you up the creek without a paddle but provide you with the information and the education that you need to make the best possible decision during your time.