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Starting A Smile Epedemic

content written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

It’s time! Time for what? Time for you to get an incredible smile. Tulsa orthodontists at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics are who Oklahoma turns to first when they want to get a healthy, beautiful smile. Call 918-747-1346 if you would to like to speak to someone about why we have been Oklahoma’s most trusted orthodontist practice for over 50 years. It is time for you have better peace of mind about your childrens dental health. It’s time for you to quit feeling self conscious about your smile. It’s time for you to smile!

There is lots to smile about at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics. When you help other people smile it tends to get a little contagious. Tulsa orthodontists at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics like to think of it as starting a good kind of epedemic. A smile epedemic! Once you start experiencing a beautiful healthy smile, believe me. You wont want a cure.

Tulsa orthodontists at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics think that the best way to start a smile epedemic is by helping children. We teamed up with Royal Family Kids Camp to help support them in their goal of helping hurting and abused kids in Oklahoma. We donate $10 to Royal Family Kids Camp for every patient we recieve. Royal Family Kids Camp puts on camps and clubs for thousands of kids each year. They offer an incredible summer camp experience with canoeing, hiking, horseback riding plus a huge birthday party. For many of these kids, their time at Royal Family Kids Camp is something that they will cherish for life.

So are you interested in a better smile? Wondering where the smile epedemic is starting from? We currently have five locations in Oklahoma. We have offices in Tulsa, Tahlequah, Miami, Pryor and Okulmogee. Our offices are easy to get to and you will feel right at home in our comfortable environment. We don’t want you to feel like your visiting the doctor when you see us. We want you to feel more like your visiting family. Our goal is that every visit is a pleasant and positive experience.

Many people avoid seeing an orthodontist because they are afraid of how they might look wearing braces. Or maybe they think that orthodontic care can really only benefit children and adults are simply out of luck. 20-25% of orthodontic patients today are adults. So, orthodontic care isn’t just kids stuff. Everyone can get a healthy smile. We also offer clear braces, like our Radiance invisible braces. So getting orthodontic care doesn’t mean unsightly braces either. It’s time to give yourself the gift of a smile and then go ahead..pass it on to somebody else. It’s kind of contagious.

The Great Importance of Trust
content written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Leadership is all about trust. Without trust you have nothing. For over 50 years people in Oklahoma have been trusting Tulsa orthodontists at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics with their orthodontic care. We take that trust seriously and work to earn it every single day. We place great value on building high trust relationships with our customers. If you would like to learn more about why we are Oklahoma’s choice for orthodontic care give us a call at 918-747-1346.

Trust can’t be weighed on a scale. Like you could weigh a bag of potatoes or vegetables. But trust is not intangible. You can tell when it’s there or not.The key to trust is good communication. In order for there to be great communication there has to be a desire to understand the other person and not spout off your opinion or knowledge.

Your experience with other Tulsa orthodontists might be that you find their communication style is more of a one way street. They talk. You listen. We don’t take that approach. We seek to understand you and your family and what your needs and concerns might be. We empower you with information about the latest orthodontic practices. We encourage you to ask questions.

It is this commitment to great communication that has made us so highly trusted in Oklahoma. Tulsa orthodontists at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics believe that you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to have someone listen to you and hear out your questions and concerns. You deserve being treated like an individual and not just like everybody else. Simply put, you deserve the best.

We not only think that you deserve great treatment and communication. We also think you deserve the finest orthodontic products available today. That’s why we are so thrilled to bring our patients amazing products like Radiance invisible braces. Radiance invisible braces are the industry leader in tooth alignment and transparancy. They are also made right here in America by American Orthodontics. American Orthodontics give over 400 american workers outstanding job opportunities. You can learn more about other great products that we offer by calling 918-747-1346.