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Trust Us, We Are Professionals!

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics.

Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics was actually started in 1960, so for over 50 years these Tulsa Orthodontist experts have been providing amazing services throughout the great state of Oklahoma. How is that for an established business? They have a reputation for the best customer service, and some of the greatest results out there. If you do not believe me then go check it out for yourself. You can go to the website and read some of the great success stories that they have been able to provide so many different people. Or you can also call 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346.

Since they been in business so long, and they have so many success stories to share with you, you can rest assured that they are the best Tulsa Orthodontist practice around. They are true professionals, worthy of your trust and your business. But they do not want you to just give it to them, they want you to know that they want to earn it. They want to show you that they want earn it by providing a free consultation for you, and a free x-ray. This is when they will prove to you that they are the best in the business, and that they are who you have been looking for.

During this consultation this is the time when you can go over any questions and concerns that you have for them, and this is when they will show you just how different they are from any other Tulsa Orthodontist. They’re going to treat you amazingly, they are going to provide you with even more amazing results, and they are going to be true professionals. Every single one of their members of their staff is so friendly, and so helpful. They value your time, and they know that you could choose anyone else, so that is why they are so happy, and flattered that you chose them as your orthodontic professionals.

So are you ready to get an amazing, beautiful smile while getting the best customer service treatment around? If you are, then you can go to any of Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics five different locations. That is right, throughout Oklahoma there are five locations that you can go to to get these amazing results and services. You can go to Pryor, Tulsa, Tahlequah, Okmulgee, and Miami. They have offices in all those great cities, and all you have to do stop by. You can either stop by or you can give them a call.

You can give them a call to schedule your appointment at 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346, or you can go online and fill out a form to get your free consultation and x-ray. That website information will more time is, and they should write down any questions you might have, because they will really take the time with you to go over all of them, and to answer them in their entirety.


Communication Is Key!

This content was written for Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics.

Everyone seems to know the importance of communication. You need communication in all aspects of your life. You need communication in your life, your marriage, your job, etc. You really need communication in all areas of your life, so why would that be different for when you go to a Tulsa Orthodontist? It shouldn’t be, and now it’s not. It is not when you start using the communication experts at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics. Speaking of communication, in order to contact and communicate with them you need the phone number. It is 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346.

What I mean by a Tulsa Orthodontist office having communication, and the importance of it is the fact that you need to be able to feel comfortable to go in, sit down with them, and actually talk about and communicate all of your different options. You with the patient, it is your decision. That is what Kirkpatrick & Lai strive to do everyday. They want to help educate you about everything, so you can make a decision. It is not them just telling you what you need to do, and expecting you to follow. They actually want to have an open communication relationship with you. They really want to become friends! You can’t is be friends without talking now can you?

This strive and desire for open communication has helped propel the success of Kirkpatrick & Lai for over 50 years now. The are not many other Tulsa Orthodontist practices that have been around for so long. This is the reason why, is because they have that desire to keep that communication open with you. Another great thing about Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics is the fact that they have five different locations. So there providing communication all over Oklahoma! It does not matter where you live, if you live in one of the cities that they have a location, then you need to make sure to go to them for any and all of your orthodontic needs.

Speaking of your orthodontic needs, you can rest assured that they are the best, and will provide you with the greatest results from anyone else as well. Do you need braces? Maybe look into the option of clear braces, so you do not have to deal with the hassle, and the uncomfortableness of metal braces. Are you an adult needing some orthodontic treatment? They can do that too. Maybe your child needs some early treatment? Maybe you need to reshape your face to get more symmetrical? Whatever it is, Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics are the experts for you.

So have you started the communication? It all starts with you. You have to open up those communication lines, by calling 918 ñ 747 ñ 1346. Or you can go online and fill a form at life. That form is to schedule an appointment, and get you to see the experts at Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics.