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Tulsa Invisalign Is Great For Teenagers 

Liam hated his smile. His teeth were crooked. The gaps in between and his overbite left him feeling insecure. He often shied away from conservations with others in high school because he was fearful of their jokes. When he saw a classmate in the hallway, he would often wave with a closed mouth smile. That’s why his visit with an orthodontist to learn more about Tulsa Invisalign gave him a sense of hope. He was told the latest technology could improve his smile, and ultimately his self-confidence. 

Besides, senior pictures were four months away and his 12th grade graduation followed. Invisalign could help him embark on the next season of his life with a healthier smile and greater confidence. He was grateful for the day a classmate shared how invisalign improved their life. The news was encouraging. He shared it with his parents and they were thrilled to schedule an appointment.  His parents learned beforehand the treatment was painless, affordable and could easily fix his teeth alignment problems. More importantly, help him overcome social anxiety. 

The day finally arrived for his consultation. The orthodontist started the conservation with a joke, “What do dentists do on rollercoasters?” Liam shrugged his shoulders. “Brace themselves!” said the orthodontists with a belly laugh. Liam laughed too at the child-like joke. He knew the dentist was working hard to get him to loosen up, and it was working. The warm and welcoming dental atmosphere helped him relax.  He felt as though he was in good hands. 

The orthodontist began to share with Liam five reasons why Tulsa Invisalign is great for teenagers.  

Eat Whatever You Like!

  1. Invisalign gives you the liberty to enjoy food without restrictions. When it comes to watching your favorite movies, don’t worry about skipping out on the popcorn. Unlike braces, there are no food restrictions with Invisalign! Choosing Invisalign gives you the freedom to enjoy pizza, hard candy or even chewy candy without worrying about trapping food in brace brackets. 

Yes, A Look You’ll Love!

  1. Smile with confidence. Many people choose Invisalign because of the clear aligners. There are no wire brackets or wires to be worn, which is nice for appearance. Others will not notice you’re wearing aligners. Get the best technology that’ll design and mold your Invisalign to perfectly fit your mouth. 

Easy To Wear

  1. Have the benefit of removing your Tulsa Invisalign anytime or anywhere! If you’re playing sports, especially hard contact sports such as football or wrestling, you can easily remove the Invisalign and wear a protective mouthguard. Besides this, you have the benefit of enjoying wearing it for 22 hours each day. In all, you’ll find the Invisalign easy to wear and very comfortable. 

The Upkeep Is Simple

  1. Avoid spending way too much time in the dentist’s office. Invisalign gives you the freedom of visiting the dentist’s office every six to eight weeks. With braces, you’re visiting the dentist every month, much more frequently to have adjustments made. Invisalign doesn’t require much maintenance.

Enjoy Great Dental Hygiene 

  1. Healthier gums are another benefit of Invisalign. You’ll easily floss and brush your teeth daily because your teeth are aligning properly.  Having crooked teeth makes this task difficult to do. Yes, gone are the days of struggling to floss your teeth. You’ll enjoy better dental hygiene and a healthier smile. 

Liam’s story is similar to many teenagers looking for solutions to improve their smiles. A bad smile can cause someone to feel insecure and unsure about themselves. A healthy smile builds self-esteem. When teeth are aligned properly, teenagers feel confident and it pours over into every other area of their lives. They are eager to take on new goals such as a big job interview or making new friends. A great smile helps them move forward in life with good confidence. 

Improving a teenager’s smile starts with a simple consultation. Just like Liam, you can get started by scheduling a consultation with an orthodontist. Whether your child is looking to enjoy better dental hygiene or looking for a low maintenance option for a great healthy smile, Tulsa Invisalign is the best choice. Even better, there are financial options available to help meet your monthly budget. A team will work with you to help you explore the best options available. 

Your Teenager’s Smile Is Worth It! 

Your child is valuable. And a healthy self-image is important in today’s society for teens to truly thrive. As orthodontists, we understand that every child deserves the best treatment and care to help them feel great about themselves. And our staff is ready to provide that for you and your family. 

We believe a genuine smile can really change someone’s world. As it has been said, “a smile can bring joy to someone’s heart.” When you choose to invest in your child’s smile, you are choosing to give them the confidence they need to build stronger relationships with others and bring joy to others. 

When you’re exploring options to help your child overcome low self-esteem problems related to their smile, start with a consultation. Our team brings you wisdom and knowledge that’ll help you feel confident in making the best decision for your family. 

We’re always investing in new technology to provide our patients with excellent services. Providing you with top-notch customer services from the moment you enter through our doors is our goal. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to begin a path to having a healthier smile for your children. 

Let us help you see new possibilities this year for your child. Let your child’s smile be one that lights up the room, and one other will never forget. 

We Look Forward To Hearing From You! 

Schedule a consultation today. Still need more convincing? Visit our testimonial page and hear what our Tulsa invisalign clients are saying. Of course, hearing from others about the services we provide is always beneficial in decision-making. Let us help you reach your dental goals in 2021. More importantly, let’s help your child shine in school!